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This site complies with both international and Korean standards to secure web access

Search a information

Do you find it difficult to search major information and tasks of the Ministry of Emplyment and Labor?

  • In case of searching Purpose & Function, History of MOEL, Contact Us
  • In case of searching Organization Chart and Specific Activities of each Division
  • In case of searching Roles & Responsibilities of each Division and Contact Addresses of Staff at the Ministry of Emplyment and Labor
  • In case of searching Address and Available Transportation to the Ministry of Employment and Labor local offices

Do you find it difficult to search major information and tasks of the Ministry of Emplyment and Labor?

  • In case of searching Major Labor Policies
  • In case of searching the Labor Laws of Korea written in English
  • In case of searching Labor Statistics
  • In case of searching Industrial Relations-Questions & Answers


About MOEL
You can read a message from the Minister and get information about objectives, vision, history, organization chart of the Ministry.
You can browse around various data such as policy news and labor laws.
Publication and Statistics
You can download major policy documents and see major statistics.
Service and Information
You can find FAQ, questions from users, useful links and tenders. Public tenders can be found at the homepage of Public Procurement Service.
Contact Us
You can find contact addresses, telephone numbers and locations of the Ministry.

Optimal Hardware Specification

1024*768 pixel of the screen resolution is recommended as the optimal condition for this Ministry of Emplyment and Labor. Occasionally some lower part of the direct link menu can be hidden even with 800*600 pixel resolution.


As an exclusive Hangul program, Hangul Viewer enables a user to read or print out document in *.hwp file regardless of the file’s original version

MS Word ViewerMS Word Viewer
MS Word Viewer enables a user to read or print out a word-file even though the MS word program is not installed in a system.
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MS Excel viewer enables a user to read or print out an Excel-file even though the MS excel program is not installed in a system.
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MS PowerPoint Viewer enables a user to read or print out a PowerPoint-file even though the MS PowerPoint program is not installed in a system.
Acrobat ReaderAcrobat Reader
Acrobat Reader enables a user to read or print out a PDF file on the internet.

MOEL Mobile Information


  • Recruitment: provide information on recruitment through WorkNet.
  • News: employment and labor news(press releases)
  • Notice: exam schedule(recruitment), events, and bidding, etc.

National Labor Consultation Center 1350

  • Provide answers to frequently asked questions on 9 areas such as unemployment benefit, wage, and retirement pay.
  • Present opinions and participate in discussions.
  • Provide information on unemployment benefit(unemployment benefit, child-care leave, maternity leave), vocational training(for the employed and the unemployed), delayed payment of wage(support measures for settlement).


  • Provide information on how to file a civil complaint on a smartphone and civil complaints handing procedures in local governments and other centers.
  • File a civil complaint regarding delayed payment of wage, disadvantageous action against part-time work, minimum wage, sexual harassment at workplace, labor contract in writing.
  • Provide services to track the settlement process of the complaints and its results. The violation of the Labor law at the workplace
  • Report and get counselling on the violation of the minimum wage of female workers and part-time workers, labor without labor contract in writing, sexual harassment at the workplace regardless of time and place.(File a complaint and book appointments for counselling on the application named 'Report~")

Policy information

  • Provide information on 12 areas, including employment policy, employment insurance, labor relations, labor management cooperation.Frequently asked questions(FAQ)
  • Provide answers to questions in relation with FAQ on 9 areas, including unemployment benefit, wage, and retirement pay, on 1350.moel.go.krLabor law
  • Provide information on newly enacted and amended laws


  • Provide surveys and statistics on economically active population, wage and working hours, labor relations, the coverage of employment insurance, work permit system for foreign workers, and industrial accidents.

Mobile WorkNet

  • Provide the most recent information on recruitment by occupation, region, and types of business and recently viewed, book marked recruitment information. HRD-Net mobile
  • Provide information on training employers, and the employed and the unemployed to improve their vocational competency, training process, the location of training institution and branch offices of Human Resources Development Service of Korea, and other news. Homepage in English
  • Provide information on the Ministry of Employment and Labor, major statistics, and FAQ in English.

Guidance to employment and labor offices in local areas

  • Provide location maps of employment and labor offices and employment centers in local areas and districts.


  • Provide job description of members of each office, bureau, and division in the Ministry and their contact number.

All-in-one job search app for job seekers(Job hunter, Mr. Mu)

  • Provide job seekers with all kinds of employment-related information (e.g., job search sites, exams, vocational aptitude tests, and employment centers nearby) at one stop.
  • The vocational aptitude test is developed in cooperation with Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS) for the first time in the world and the test helps job seekers explore their talent and interests through simple ox quiz to find the right jobs for them. My work, tomorrow
  • Provide information on policies aimed at creating the harmonious working environment through increasing job opportunities’ and ‘narrowing gaps among jobs.’
  • Receive customized information through Facebook and participate in various events.

Homepage guidance for people with visual impairments

Please set the browser's View → Text Size → [Normal] when the letters appear smaller.

Please set the browser's View → Text Size → [Normal] when the letters appear smaller.

Letters for a larger view, please set your browser [View] → [text size] [larger].

Letters for a larger view, please set your browser [View] → [text size] [larger].

The Ministry of Employment and Labor's website is a CCS(cascading style sheets)-based website created in compliance with the principles of web accessibility, so visually impaired people can access its content without a separate version designed for them.
MOEL's website provides audio services for visually impaired users. To use this function, you need a screen reader program that reads computer screens for you.

For information on screen reader and other assistive devices, please visit the Information and Communication Assistive Device website at You can also find various information about assistive device support programs for the disabled on the National Assistive Technology Center website at

How to use keyboard

  • Press Tab key to move to the next sentence.
  • Press shift+Tab key to move to the previous sentence.
  • Press Enter key to select menu or download the attached files.
  • Press backspace(←) key to go back to the previous page.

Telecommunication relay services for people with hearing impairments

The National Information Society Agency offers real-time telecommunication relay services to help people with hearing or speech impairments communicate on the phone with people without disabilities.
There are text, video and speech-to-speech relay services. You can use telecommunication relay services when making inquiries, shopping or booking by phone, searching for jobs, making business calls, and calling your families and friends.

* Click here to use telecommunication relay services ☞

* Click here to watch a video clip about the Relay Service Center ☞



  • The website of the Ministry of Emplyment and Labor provides information on news, policies, statistics and laws, labor-related civil affairs administration service and information publishing service.
  • Since bidding is managed entirely by the national e-procurement system, the indicator of 'Online bidding for public contracts is available' is not relevant for this website.
  • It deals with registrations/permits for individuals and businesses, but the services are provided for free. Therefore, the indicators such as 'Online payment by card available' and 'Online payment' are not applicable to this website.
  • Since it neither requires membership subscription nor collects personal information, the indicators such as 'Secure link indicated' and 'Electronic signature indicated' are not relevant for this website.

MOEL Website Security Policy

  • is the Ministry of Employment and Labor's website.
  • MOEL's website may use "cookies". A cookie is a small data file that we send your browser to store and track information about you when you visit our website. Cookies are used to track information, such as the number of users, their frequency of use and their preferred sites.
  • You can choose to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser settings to decline cookies if you prefer. This may prevent you from taking full advantage of the website.
  • We do not collect personal information when you visit our website unless you choose to provide that information.
  • To protect your personal information, all electronic storage and transmission of personal information is secured with appropriate security technologies.
  • To prevent your personal information from being hacked, you should install security software on your personal computer according to the following instructions.

Security program installation guide

  • If the following message appears on your screen, please click the install button to begin the security program installation process. Download the manual installation file
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