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I have E7 Visa and I am paying unemployed insurance but not sure if i will unemloyed in future the am i eligible for unemployed claim.

If i can claim for unemployed insurance then
What would be the process.

Best Regards

By Kritesh Tripathi | 2020-02-13


1. Hello, this is Ministry of Employment and Labor Counseling Center.


2. We understand that you have enquired regarding “unemployment benefits”, and please refer to the following reply.


A. Unemployment benefits


  ○ The purpose of unemployment benefits of employment insurance is to stabilize the

      livelihood of workers those who covered employment insurance and promote their job-

      seeking activities by granting necessary benefits during the period of their

      reemployment activities, when they are out of work, and during the job-seeking period,

      and unemployment benefits shall be classified into job-seeking benefits and employment

      promotion allowances.


  ○ Unemployment benefits do not mean the compensation benefit, or the money for which

      employment insurance premiums have been paid. Unemployment benefits shall be paid

      to an unemployed person who actively seeking reemployment during unemployed period

      by causing an accident of unemployment.


     - Please be noted that job-seeking benefits which is one of the unemployment benefits

       shall provided for not more than the number of benefit days, within 12 months from the

       day following the date of separation.


  ○ Therefore, a person who intends to be paid job-seeking benefits shall appear at an

      Employment Security Office immediately after separation and report his/her

     unemployment and he/she shall be actively seeking reemployment.


B. Regarding “job-seeking benefits”


  ○ Job-seeking benefits shall be paid if an insured person who has been separated from

      his/her job meets all of the following requirements:


     ➀ The unit period of insurance during the 18-month period (base period) prior to the

         date of separation shall be not less than 180 days in total;

     ➁ Despite his/her willingness and ability to work, he/she shall be out of employment;

     ➂ Involuntary separation due to inevitable reason;

     ➃ He/she shall be actively seeking reemployment during the recognition of



  ○ You may contact the competent job center having jurisdiction over your residential area

      with regards to your employment insurance status, eligibility for unemployment benefits,

      and unemployment benefits matters etc.


3. For further inquiries with regards to labor-related laws, please contact Ministry of Employment and Labor Counseling Center at 1350 (press 4 and 1 for English). Thank you.



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