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[Q] Can i work again in korea

Last year, I successfully passed the Korean language exam by scoring 150 points for successfully completing E9 visas and returning
from korea. My data is now at the base. For 6 months I have not received a visa. What is my problem? I used to work legally, I didn’t pay any fines, I don’t have any debts. I came back in 2018. 3 months before the end of the work visa, my former company went out of business. I could not get another job because I had a little visa. At the time of departure from Korea, I still have another 10 days visa.

By Abror | 2020-02-04


1. Hello, this is Ministry of Employment and Labor Counseling Center.


2. We understand that you have enquired with regards to reissuing visa, and you may consult with the Immigration Contact Center of the Ministry of Justice at 1345, or visit at


3. For further inquiries with regards to labor-related laws, please contact Ministry of Employment and Labor Counseling Center at 1350 (press 4 and 1 for English). Thank you.

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