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[Q] Statistical data of labor actions in South Korean courts

Dear Ministry of Employment and Labor staff,

My name is Vinicius Nogueira, researcher at the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG), a research institute founded by an agreement between the Brazilian Government and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Our organization is currently conducting a comparison analysis of the labor judicial system of Brazil and 5 other countries, including South Korea. Thus, we kindly request if it is possible to have access (or if there is a public database available online) to statistical data of the yearly quantity of labor disputes in courts, the content of these labor proceedings, and if the labor actions are collective or individual.

These data requested above are of great importance for our research.

Thank you very much in advance, and hope you can help us.


Vinicius Nogueira
International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth

By Vinicius Nogueira | 2020-01-20


1. Hello, this is Ministry of Employment and Labor Counseling Center.


2. You may refer to an administrative data of the Ministry of Employment and Labor at -> 정보공개-> 사전정보공표목록 (in Korean)


3. Also, the purpose of “information disclosure system” is to ensure people’s rights to know and to secure people’s participation in state affairs and the transparency of the operation of state affairs by prescribing matters necessary for people’s requests for the disclosure of information kept and controlled by public institutions and the obligations of public institutions to disclose such information.


- Once an applicant wants to get the information, the applicant may refer the original at ,or submit a written request for disclosing information to a public institution in which keeps and controls it. Where a public institution receives a request for the disclosure of information, the request shall be transferred to a public institution in charge. A public institution shall, upon receiving a request for disclosing information, decide whether or not to disclose the requested information within ten days from the date on which such request received. Where a public institution is unable to decide whether or not to disclose information within a period fixed due to inevitable grounds, such public institution may extend the fixed period for up to ten days.


4. Please be noted our counseling center provides labor relations law and general information, and you need to search the said information at Ministry of Employment and Labor’s website (,or (inquiry for system 1588-2572).


5. If you have any question regarding labor relations law, please call Ministry of Employment and Labor Counseling Center on 1350 (press 4 and 1 for English). Thank you.





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