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[Q] Harassment

I would like to know if there are any forms of harassment besides sexual harassment included in the korean employment law applying to an employee in a "hostile work environment" where management disrupts an employee's work on a continuous basis or when employees experience "bullying" from their employers? Recently in July of 2019, legislation was passed regarding workplace harassment and bullying. Does this apply to foreigners as well?

By B | 2020-01-11


1. Hello, this is Ministry of Employment and Labor Counseling Center.


2. Since July 16, 2019, no employer or employee shall cause physical or mental suffering to other employees or deteriorate the work environment beyond the appropriate scope of work by taking advantage of superiority in rank, relationship, etc. in the workplace (hereinafter referred to as “workplace harassment) pursuant to Article 76-2 of the Labor Standards Act.


3. According the territorial principle, Korean law shall apply to foreigners those who reside in Korea. Also, if a foreigner is an employee under the Labor Standards Act, he/she shall apply for the provision on ‘prohibition against workplace harassment’ in the Labor Standards Act.


- If a person wants to report a case with a regional labor office, he/she needs to submit an application for petition to them.


4. If you have any questions, please call Ministry of Employment and Labor Counseling Center on 1350 (press 4 and 1 for English). Thank you.



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