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I have made an complain against my company (law firm) for refusing to pay severance more them two year of work, plus for lying for the maternity leave benefit and not paying it and other benefits I should have get according to labor law.
The case is in Labor office since may and yet no answer. Every time I call the officer in charge he always make excuses of wanting more info either from me or company. He never bother you call me or email on time what he needs,unless I call, or giving excuses he is waiting from company an sms for months.I wonder how long this process normally last if I was korean. I do feel discriminated for the second time by labor office as a foreigner. First company now them.
Is it any way I can get my right by law despite my nationality or visa status?any
Pls advice what should be my steps?

I do suspect the officer and company are planing something. A labor officer should be on the side of employees not employers in my case a Lawyer who violate the law in many articles.
Thnx for answer


By Alkida Dautaj | 2019-07-12


1. Hello, this is Ministry of Employment and Labor Counseling Center.


2. The period for treating of each reported case as below.


 ○ Complaint·accusation·case of cognition about crime

  - Complete the investigation of a case and sent it to the prosecution within two      months from the date of receipt or cognition about crime.
  - If it is unable to complete to investigate the case within the period for treating, it will be proceed with the extension of the investigation from     prosecutor.


○ Other case, such as a petition

  - A case shall be proceed with 25 days from the date of receipt.
  - Where it deems that it is difficult to handle the case within the period for treating as inevitable, it may be extended once within the period for treating of the case concerned, and it is possible to extend one more time with the concent of petitioner, if it is difficult to handle within the extended period for treating.


3. Please understand that our counseling center does not have authority to handle

  a case and counsels in regards to labor relations law, systems, and procedures.
  - Therefore, we encourage you to contact Labor Improvement Instruction Division, or Employment Management Division (or Operations Support Team at Regional Cooperation Division) at the competent labor office at which handles your case regarding delaying treatment of the reported case.


 4. If you have any questions, please call us on 1350 (press 4 and 1 for English).


    Yours sincerely


By e-mail to | 052-702-5170
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