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A while ago, I left my job at a hagwon as they were not paying me (and still have not paid me at all, it has been 5-6 months!), and I didn't give notice of leaving. I was previously on and E-2 visa, and I'd like to ask the following:

1) I was told by a former colleague that my former employer cancelled my visa. However, my ARC is still technically valid (in terms of dates). If my visa got cancelled, am I still allowed to visit Korea as a tourist?

2) I also heard from a former colleague that my former workplace was planning a lawsuit against me. Would their case even be accepted by the court? Is there any way to find out if I am wanted for any legal charges?

3) Given the above situation, will I receive any legal troubles, e.g. civil or criminal proceedings, if I ever come back to Korea as a tourist?

Thank you.

By Calvin | 2019-06-18


1. Hello, this is Ministry of Employment and Labor Counseling Center.


2. Please be noted that the Ministry of Employment and Labor manages the employment of E-9 and H-2 visa status under the Employment Permit System, and please contact the Immigration Contact Center of the Ministry of Justice on 1345 or regarding the obtaining a new visa.


3. In addition, according to the mutual agreement, the employer and the worker may recover the damages through the civil proceedings, such as a civil suit for damages since claim for damages is irrelevant to the Labor Standards Act.


  - For more information regarding a civil suit, please contact Korea Legal Aid Corporation which is in charge of free legal advice, legal aid projects etc. (, ☎ 132).


4. If you have any questions, please call us on 1350 (press 4 and 1 for English).


   Yours sincerely

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