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MOEL published Workplace Harassment Prevention and Response Manual

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Feb. 21, 2019

The Ministry of Employment and Labor published a Workplace Harassment Prevention and Response Manual on February 22. The publication came about one month after the revision of the Labor Standards Act, to enter into force on July 16, 2019, through which new provisions to prohibit workplace harassment were introduced.

The manual sets out criteria to determine conducts that constitute workplace harassment. It also describes various considerations companies need to keep in mind when carrying out activities to prevent harassment or initiating an in-house procedure to address harassments that have taken place. It provides a sample template of rules of employment which companies can refer to.

Minister of Employment and Labor Mr. Lee Jae-kap said, “With the Labor Standards Act revised in January this year, companies will have to create a system to eliminate harassment at work by July. I hope the Workplace Harassment Prevention and Response Manual will be a useful reference for businesses in their efforts to voluntarily set up a harassment prevention and response system.” He also said, “The government will continue to pursue policies for eradicating workplace harassment, and in doing so it will provide consulting services to help businesses set up their harassment prevention and response system and conduct a campaign to promote a culture of respect at work.”


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