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MOEL announces “Measures to Strengthen Public Employment Services” to Support Economic and Employment Recovery and Prepare for Post COVID-19


MOEL announces “Measures to Strengthen Public Employment Services” to Support Economic and Employment Recovery and Prepare for Post COVID-19

     ▪ Provide customized recruitment support services to companies that are looking for people to hire, depending on their circumstances and characteristics.

     ▪ Establish a system that can offer all services remotely and digitally.

     ▪ Increase the quality of primary and secondary employment safety net services for the vulnerable. 

 -Jun.18(Fri), 2021-

  □ The Ministry of Employment and Labor and related ministries announced "Measures to Strengthen Public Employment Services" to support economic and employment recovery and to prepare for post-COVID-19 at the 20th Presidential Committee on Jobs on Friday, June 18, 2021.

  □ This measure was implemented in response to the growing demand for workers by companies** after the recent economic recovery with exports and consumption starting to rebound*.

       *   In May 2021, [Exports] Increased by 45.6% YoY, [Consumption] Consumer Confidence Index rose for 5 consecutive months

      **  From January to May 2021, Worknet job search increased by 46.5%, Worknet job search increased by 17.0% (YoY)


    ㅇ This measure was established to strengthen the recruitment and employment support services* from job centers that link hiring companies with the unemployed to support the employment recovery in the private sector,

        *  Inadequate support systems for proactively discovering hiring needs of companies having difficulties finding workers, and providing customized services based on conditions and circumstances A slight lack of effort to provide structured recruitment and employment services

    ㅇ to support the restructuring of remote and digital employment support system*, and to establish an employment safety net for the vulnerable group** to prepare for the post-COVID-19 economy based on the experience of COVID-19 response.

       *  A proposal to accelerate digitalization of public employment services (PES) in   response to COVID-19 (OECD, 2020)

      ** Even though the framework of the primary and secondary employment safety nets such as universal employment insurance and the national employment support system has been implemented, it is necessary to improve the service quality levels to operate them smoothly.


   □ The main contents of the “Measures to Strengthen Public Employment Services” are as follows.


1. Structured support for hiring companies and the unemployed: Reinforcement of customized recruitment and employment support services

   □ To respond quickly and urgently to the COVID-19-induced employment crisis*, the Ministry will restore and strengthen the initial employment support role of job centers, and systematically expand these services to provide customized recruitment processes for hiring companies and employment support services to the unemployed.

   * Since the outbreak of COVID-19, job centers have been successfully performing their role of delivering the Ministry’s employment policy such as maintaining employment and stabilizing living conditions for a quick response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

   ㅇ The Ministry plans to systematically support companies with their recruitment process by proactively discovering companies having difficulties with hiring workers and providing them with customized recruitment support services* by classifying companies according to their conditions and characteristics.

      * Classification of hiring companies → ▴ Provides automatic notification for “online notification type” (care, security, cleaning services) that can be easily matched. Supports recruitment focusing on 'large-scale recruitment type' (rolling recruitment of large companies) and 'awareness raise type' (small but strong companies).

      -  For small and micro enterprises with poor working conditions especially, we plan to develop and offer the “Corporate Recruitment Support Package” (from July 2021), which will provide comprehensive support for improving employment conditions, training, and hiring qualified workers.



   ㅇ  Among job seekers having difficulty finding employment, after determining the possibility of employment through in-depth entry advice, those with a higher potential of employment will be classified as “prepared job seekers” and selected. After this, we plan to increase the effectiveness of job matching through intensive job placement services.

      *   Provides support by converting “unprepared job seekers with relatively low employment potential to “prepared seekers” through the enhancement of their motivation and capabilities.

     ㅇ In addition, we plan to strengthen region and industry-specific support by allowing job centers nationwide to identify employment crisis sectors and strategic industries according to regional and industrial conditions and delivering intensive services through a “Special Employment Support Team*.” (from July)

     * Selects high-priority sectors and operates in collaboration with bodies such as Regional Skills Council (RSC)

            ▴ Provides “approaching” service for those who changed jobs and plan to change jobs by identifying through associations by industry and employment insurance DB


2. Establishment of remote and digital employment support services system

   □ The Ministry has established a remote and digital employment support system*, which is all the more necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic, to provide safer and more effective services.

   * Some of the existing employment support programs such as group counseling and job fairs are being offered remotely.

    ㅇ Existing programs, such as group counseling, will be operated in a hybrid setting, including remote counseling (from 2021), and remote and online programs will be developed and operated (from Jan. 2022).

       - Since the beginning of June 2021, a video system has been established on Worknet to support interviews for hiring, job searching and career counseling through video.

    ㅇ The “Employment 24” system, an online one-stop job center, will be established (2021-2023) to allow people can apply and process various services anytime, anywhere without having to visit a job center.

      - We also plan to improve the system to allow people to conveniently apply for corporate support, employment incentives, and unemployment benefits online, and to process their tasks efficiently and quickly*.

            *    Modifies application requirements to allow a person in charge can check for a quick support and promotes the change of benefit standards


3. Expansion of the employment safety net for the vulnerable

   □ The Ministry will establish an employment service system in line with the introduction of national employment insurance (including the dependent self-employed, from July 2021), and expand the primary and secondary employment safety nets for the vulnerable by establishing the national employment support system and improving its performance.

    ㅇ We will prepare a plan to provide customized employment support services for workers in special employment types by work (second half of 2021), and make it concrete through the operation of the “Team for workers in special employment types” (from 2022).

      * Development of employment support programs specialized for workers in special employment types, inter-organizational network and collaboration services, etc.

      - We plan to establish a systematic management system for employment service platforms (from second half of 2021, Promotes the Employment Security Act) and establish incentive support for high-performing platforms (from 2022).

    ㅇ The national employment support system will increase the content and quality of employment support services and expand the connections and collaborations* with related organizations for specialized support for the recipient of these services.

       * (2021) Supports 29,000 people of Saeil Centers and local governments (2022) Expands the scale of affiliated organizations such as the Middle Aged Job Hope Center.

      -  We also plan to introduce and apply the “Standard Evaluation System for the National Employment Support System” (from 2022) to improve the quality of the service through connections and collaborations with the national employment support system.

     * Promotes to link the evaluation results with the operation budget and incentives


4. Expansion and reinforcement of public and private employment service infrastructure

   □ We will continue to expand the employment services infrastructure to provide timely and high-quality services to people having difficulty finding jobs.

    ㅇ To improve the quality of job counseling and support provided by job centers, we plan on improving service accessibility by hiring more counselors and establishing additional job centers* in urban areas that have a higher number of operating businesses and higher populations.

      * (June 2021) Adds Seongdong Gwangjin Center and Gangbuk Seongbuk Center (from 2022) Promotes to divide and develop additional job centers in densely populated urban areas

   ㅇ The Ministry will strengthen quality management of contracted service providers in the private sector, while expanding education* to enhance the competence of private employment service workers.

      * Mandatory training for paid job placement service providers and counselors for every 2 years (from second half of 2021, promotes the revision of the Employment Security Act)


5. Continued response to COVID-19: Intensive support for businesses and the unemployed affected by COVID-19

   □ The Ministry continues to support companies to maintain their workforce during COVID-19 and until the end of the pandemic.

    ㅇ The period of support for the workforce maintenance subsidy will be extended (180 days 270 days) for special employment support industries that continue to struggle with business disruption and unstable employment compared to other industries.

*Unpaid leave subsidy applied temporarily in 2021, Paid leave subsidy effective from June 2021.

    ㅇ We plan to continue to strengthen employment support for job changers and prospective job changers in special employment support industries, such as the travel industry.

      * Pilot operation of Seoul Job Center’s “Travel Industry Special Employment Support Team” (from Jan. 25, 2021)

         Expands the establishment and operation of the “Special Employment Support Team” for companies with high employment risk in each job center nationwide (from July 2021)

   □ Minister of Employment and Labor An Kyung-duk stated, “It is time for the job center, which has been properly delivering employment policies by supporting employment retention and stabilizing living conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, to strengthen its original role of recruitment and employment support services.”

   ㅇ "This measure reflects the government's determination and effort to support swift employment recovery as the economy improves," he emphasized.

   ㅇ He concluded, “By providing customized recruitment and employment support services according to the characteristics and conditions of hiring companies and job seekers, and reinforcing the employment safety net for the vulnerable,

     - we will use our best efforts to lead a faster employment recovery through improved employment services.”


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