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MOEL holds the "Online job fair week 2021" and a youth conference for overseas employment


“We support youth chasing dreams abroad.”
MOEL holds the “Online Job Fair Week 2021” and a youth conference for overseas employment


-21. May.


<Interview with a person with the surname Jang who was employed in Japan through the “2020 Online Job Fair Week”>

Q. How did the Online Job Fair Week event help you get a job abroad?

A.I personally found that one-on-one interview coaching was very helpful. It gave me information about a company I was not able to find as well as feedback about my interview attitude and answers, etc. Most of all, I think the coaching I received on trivial things such as using good facial expressions helped me get a job.

Q. Do you have anything to say to job-seeking college graduates?

A. If they do not rush themselves and conduct a thorough self-analysis and company analysis, I am sure they will be able to work for the company they want.



<Interview with Osstem GmbH, a German company participating in the “Online Job Fair Week” in 2020-21>

Q. Why do you continue to participate in the Online Job Fair Week?

A. It allows me to hire globally competent talents with a range of job duties. Above all, I am satisfied with the active support of the Korean government agency and the management of candidates.

Q. What kind of people you want to hire for Osstem in future hiring?

A. We are seeking individuals who have work-related competencies and are suitable for working in a global environment, such as those who have good language skills and are diligent, passionate and responsible.


□   The Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, and the Human Resources Development Service of Korea will hold a week-long “Online Job Fair Week 2021” from May 12 to 18.

□   During this Online Job Fair Week, 75 companies from nine countries will take part, and 637 interviews are expected to be held to recruit 200 Korean youths.

  ㅇ   Recruiting companies that will participate include 50 Japanese companies, nine Chinese companies, nine U.S. companies, two Australian companies, and one company each from Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Mexico.

  ㅇ  The recruitment number is 85 in office administration, 50 in IT, 22 in research, 17 in sales, 16 in other services, six in catering services, and four in skilled workers, and office administrative, IT, and research jobs that young people prefer account for 78.5%.

□   As can be seen in an interview with Osstem GmbH, a German company famous for ‘dental implants,’ Korea has seen an increasing number of companies that are seeking to hire Korean youth with excellent global competence in their overall job duties.

  ㅇ   In 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, this hiring trend is projected to continue, with the number of overseas job seekers registered in World Job Plus increasing compared to the previous year.

      * Number of overseas job seekers(persons): (’19) 14,858 (’20) 15,017

□  The Korean government has held large-scale recruitment events for overseas employment by inviting foreign companies that are seeking employees to Korea during the “Global Job Fair.”

  ㅇ   However, since 2020, instead of inviting foreign companies to Korea, the “Online Job Fair Week” has been organized to allow young people pursuing a career abroad in Korea to obtain overseas job opportunities through video interviews.

□   Pre-events and side events will also be held during this Online Job Fair Week. The introduction of the AI ​​competency during the pre-event is worth noting. Based on the AI ​​competency test conducted from March 17 to 31, young candidates were able to receive customized overseas career consulting services.

  ㅇ   The “World Job Talk Concert” will be held from May 12 to 18 during the Online Job Fair Week. People working for international organizations such as the World Bank and the Korea International Cooperation Agency as well as local overseas employment experts will be connected online to share information on overseas employment and its environment as well as strategies in real time.

□   Kim Young-jung, MOEL’s deputy minister for employment policy, visited the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, where the Online Job Fair Week was held on Wednesday, May 12 at 10:30.

  ㅇ   He checked the site where online interviews were being conducted and had a conference with young people looking for a job overseas and listened to their voices.

  The young people who attended the conference said, “I think that even in the COVID-19 situation, various forms of support such as the ‘Online Job Fair Week’ are helpful for establishing a career abroad.”

  ㅇ   Supplementary measures such as expanding government subsidies related to overseas employment in the future, improving education services that are balanced between online and offline, and government programs for supporting settlement in addition to overseas employment settlement subsidies were also suggested.

□   Kim Young-jung, deputy minister for employment policy, stated that “As the employment conditions of young people have deteriorated rapidly due to COVID-19, youths who are supposed to take their first steps in society and start engaging in economic activities have been hit the hardest.”

  ㅇ  “In order to resolve the difficulties faced by young people, the government is striving to expand domestic employment while working with relevant organizations to discover quality overseas jobs via the ‘Online Job Fair Week.”

  ㅇ  “In addition, we will come up with a variety of measures such as enhancing support to ensure that overseas employment for youth can be expanded in preparation for the post-COVID-19 era.” he added.



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