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1.  the Labor Force Survey at Establishments

the Labor Force Survey at Establishments
Purpose To provide basic data needed to analyze employment trends and labor conditions (wages and working hours) on the demand side of the labor market (i.e. establishments), and to use such data for policy development
Coverage All industries except agriculture, forestry and fishing, activities of households as employers; undifferentiated goods- and services- producing activities of households for own use, and activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies.
  • (1) Employment
    - Approximately 50,000 sampled establishments with one or more workers(=Permanent employees + Temporary & daily employees + Other workers)
  • (2) Working condition
    - Approximately 13,000 sampled establishments with one or more permanent employees (except government)
Reference period
  • (1) Employment
    - Number of workers and job openings: Last business day of each month
    - Hires, Separations: Includes all employees entering and leaving employment during the period starting from the beginning till the end of survey reference month.
  • (2) Working condition
    - Monthly pay period
Survey items Number of workers, job openings, hires, employment terminations, and wages, working hours, etc

2.Report on Enterprise Labor Cost Survey

Report on Enterprise Labor Cost Survey
Purpose To find out about types and amounts of employment expenses, and thus provide raw data for the establishment of labor policies and promotion of workers' welfare
Coverage A sample of 3,525 workplaces with 10 permanent employees or more
Reference period Every fiscal year
Survey items Total amount of cash wages (regular and overtime payment and special payment including bonuses ), retirement pay, recruitment expenses, education and training expenses, legal welfare expenses, non-legal welfare expenses, etc.

3.Report on the Occuputional Labor Force Survey at Establishments

Report on the Occuputional Labor Force Survey at Establishments
Purpose The following information collected on number of job vacancies as well as manpower shortages businesses face to sustain normal business operations at establishments by industry, size and occupation is to be used to provide basic information on designing employment policy measures for resolving workforce mismatch.
Coverage A sample of 32,300 workplaces with 5 or more permanents employees
Reference period Every April 1, October 1.
Survey items Current number of employees, number of recruited, number of hired, number of not to hired, number of vacancies, scheduled number of employees to be hired, reasons for not to hired

4. Survey Report on Labor Conditions by Employment Type

Survey Report on Labor Conditions by Employment Type
Purpose To find out working hours, wage of employees of establishments by employment type to use it to improve and develop employment policy such as working standard and labor and management policy, etc. also particularly to identify employment condition of regular and non-regular workers by personal characteristics (gender, age, education, work type) and establishment characteristics (industry, size of establishment) separately to use as a basic data when developing policy for non-regular workers
Coverage A sample of around 32,000 workplaces with one employee or more
Reference period Period for calculating wages for June
Survey items Gender, education, year and date of birth, year and date of employment, years of working experience, employment type, contract period, working type, working days, working hours, wage, social insurance status, etc.
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