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Industrial relations : Supporting autonomous dispute settlements within the principle of rule of law, Addressing undesirable practices such as illegal strikes, and encouraging mutually beneficial and cooperative labor and management

Labor standards : Supervising the various standards both workers and employers should comply with, such as for labor contracts, rest/holidays/leave, wages, retirement pay, employment relationships, dismissal, employment rules, etc.

Occupational safety and health : Making efforts to prevent industrial accidents by creating an accident-free and pleasant work environment

Employment : Establishing and coordinating employment policies and strategies. It includes resolving mismatch in the labor market through advanced employment service, providing employment security programs for unemployment prevention and employment promotion, and working to create more decent jobs by analyzing the labor market and implementing social job service programs.

Employment services : Fostering and overseeing employment service industry, formulating related policies and institutions such as employment insurance policies.

Vocational training and skills development : Offering comprehensive supports for skills development activities carried out by employers, job-seekers, and the employed in the form of financial subsidies and facility cost sharing.

Equal employment : Creating a culture of equality at work for women, the disabled, the aged, youths and minors, foreign workers, etc., and making a society based on the spirit of togetherness.

International cooperation : Actively responding to international labor circumstances through overseas exchanges and cooperation

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