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A look back at how MOEL has evolved with the people
July 5, 2010
Relaunch as the Ministry of Employment and Labor

The Ministry was renamed the “Ministry of Employment and Labor” under the revised Government Organization Act (Act No. 10339, promulgated on Jun. 4 and enforced on Jul. 5).

Following the revision of the Government Organization Act, “regional labor office” and “employment support center” were renamed “regional employment and labor office” and “job center”, respectively (Jul. 2010)

Two Bureaus – the Workforce Supply and Demand Policy Bureau and the Industrial Accident Prevention and Compensation Bureau – were established (Mar. 2013)
* 3 Offices, 2 Bureaus, 1 Inspector General’s office, 36 Divisions, 1 Group and 1 Team

With the establishment of the Labor Market Policy Evaluation Division etc., the Ministry was reorganized to consist of 3 Offices, 13 Bureaus, 41 Divisions and 5 Teams (Feb. 28, 2017)

With the establishment of the Employment Support Policy Bureau and the Labor Inspection Policy Bureau, the Ministry became comprised of 3 Offices, 14 Bureaus and 44 Divisions (Apr. 16, 2018)

April 1981
Promotion to the Ministry of Labor
* 1 Office, 11 Bureaus and 21 Divisions, including the Planning and Administration Office, the Labor Policy Bureau and the Labor Standards Bureau

Regional branches (6 branches) were revamped and renamed regional labor offices (Dec. 1987)

The Occupational Safety Bureau was established (Feb. 1989)

The Labor Policy Bureau and the Labor-Management Guidance Office were integrated into the Labor Management Policy Office (Mar. 1991)

The Vocational Safety Bureau and the Vocational Training Bureau were integrated into the Employment Policy Office (May 1995)
* The Labor-Management Policy Office was divided into the Labor Policy Bureau and the Labor-Management Cooperation Bureau.

The International Labor Cooperation Bureau was established; the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Bureau was abolished; and the Working Women Policy Bureau was renamed the Working Women Bureau (Jun. 1996)

The organization composed of Offices and Bureaus was changed into one consisting of Headquarters, Teams, etc. (Sept. 2005)
* 2 Headquarters, 11 Bureaus, 35 Teams, 1 Group and 1 Division

“Regional labor branch” was renamed “regional office” (Mar. 2006)

The Ministry was reorganized into 2 Offices and 11 Bureaus (including the Spokesperson’s office) (Feb. 2008)

The Ministry was reorganized into 3 Offices, 13 Bureaus and 40 Divisions (including Teams) (Feb. 2010)

August 1963
Establishment of the Labor Administration
* 2 Bureaus (the Labor Policy Bureau and the Vocational Safety Bureau) and 6 Divisions

Labor Administration regional branches were established (Oct. 1974)

November 1948
Establishment of the Labor Bureau within the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
* 4 Divisions (the Labor Policy Division, the Occupation Division, the Welfare Division and the Coordination Division)

Regional Labor Commissions were established (Oct. 1953) and the National Labor Commission was established (Feb. 1954)

With the integration of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Affairs into the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, the Labor Bureau became part of the integrated Ministry (Feb. 1955)

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