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Do you need any information on Korean Labor Laws and practices?
Please feel free to use this bulletin board. We will answer your questions properly as soon as possible.

For Workers and CEOs : Call 1350 (overseas: +82-52-702-5089)

Note: If you have a question,
for workers, press "Worker" of tab Menu, for CEOs or Labor Management, press "Management(CEO)", and click "Ask a Question" below.

An answer will be given within 7 days to a general question, and 14 days to a legal question

NO Title Answer Name Date
58 Health Insurance NO J. 2006-06-02
57 Termination NO Mick 2006-05-25
56 Paid days vacation NO Eric Myles 2006-05-16
55 UNPAID WAGES NO M and M 2006-05-13
54 mileage payout for business use of personal vehicle YES Jennifer Shep 2006-05-11
53 schedule of exam klt YES jen 2006-05-08
52 income tax refund from employer NO Sean Reed 2006-05-08
51 Apartment tax. NO chris 2006-05-03
50 With-holding severance, airfare and deposit after the completion of contract NO pauline 2006-05-02
49 Job Offer YES Ian 2006-04-26
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