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Do you need any information on Korean Labor Laws and practices?
Please feel free to use this bulletin board. We will answer your questions properly as soon as possible.

For Workers and CEOs : Call 1350 (overseas: +82-52-702-5089)

Note: If you have a question,
for workers, press "Worker" of tab Menu, for CEOs or Labor Management, press "Management(CEO)", and click "Ask a Question" below.

An answer will be given within 7 days to a general question, and 14 days to a legal question

NO Title Answer Name Date
124 Reduction in pay YES Andrew Meeks 2007-03-07
123 Monthly pension payments YES David Cadman 2007-02-28
122 new hourly rate starting jan 2007 YES Lorenzo Balicha 2007-02-23
121 foreign laws NO brian 2007-02-13
120 seperation pay YES jonathan 2007-02-11
119 National Pension and Severance YES Thomas Lampi 2007-02-08
118 contract YES joy 2007-02-03
117 working hours reduction NO Dennis 2007-01-28
116 EPS Doctors? YES Michel 2007-01-16
115 Mandatory Renewal??? YES Paraluman Michelynne P. Catuira 2007-01-16
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