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Do you need any information on Korean Labor Laws and practices?
Please feel free to use this bulletin board. We will answer your questions properly as soon as possible.

For Workers and CEOs : Call 1350 (overseas: +82-52-702-5089)

Note: If you have a question,
for workers, press "Worker" of tab Menu, for CEOs or Labor Management, press "Management(CEO)", and click "Ask a Question" below.

An answer will be given within 7 days to a general question, and 14 days to a legal question

NO Title Answer Name Date
4670 Engineer secret NO SAGGU GURPREET SINGH 2018-06-19
4669 Changing job title and conditions secret YES PLS 2018-06-14
4668 Deduction of salary due to leave on public holidays YES EUNICE CHIAN 2018-06-14
4667 PAID LEAVES secret YES moogi surendar 2018-06-12
4666 sincere worker YES gerald 2018-06-11
4665 can you help me YES jay son 2018-06-08
4664 About tax for eps workers YES Bhandari Dhruba 2018-06-08
4663 Breaking Contract Airfare secret YES Madison Giger 2018-06-08
4662 Mr YES Silas 2018-06-08
4661 about heat vacation YES ChenJianMing 2018-06-08
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