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Do you need any information on Korean Labor Laws and practices?
Please feel free to use this bulletin board. We will answer your questions properly as soon as possible.

For Workers and CEOs : Call 1350 (overseas: +82-52-702-5089)

Note: If you have a question,
for workers, press "Worker" of tab Menu, for CEOs or Labor Management, press "Management(CEO)", and click "Ask a Question" below.

An answer will be given within 7 days to a general question, and 14 days to a legal question

NO Title Answer Name Date
4775 Instructor secret NO Hyacinthe Boncourt 2018-10-20
4774 What is the night detail of having work at night time for E9 visa. NO Hussain amjad 2018-10-19
4773 About benefits for ALLEBYT parttimer secret NO Jesse Alaman 2018-10-19
4772 Severance for Partial Year NO Andrew 2018-10-18
4771 Seeking Information secret NO Red 2018-10-17
4770 Make up classes NO Melanie Rozman 2018-10-16
4769 EPS CONCERN NO shalom agoot 2018-10-16
4768 Overtime at a Hagwon NO Jas 2018-10-15
4767 documents and statements secret NO chew 2018-10-15
4766 Company forcing to open second bank account secret NO Mikhaila 2018-10-15
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