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Do you need any information on Korean Labor Laws and practices?
Please feel free to use this bulletin board. We will answer your questions properly as soon as possible.

For Workers and CEOs : Call 1350 (overseas: +82-52-702-5089)

Note: If you have a question,
for workers, press "Worker" of tab Menu, for CEOs or Labor Management, press "Management(CEO)", and click "Ask a Question" below.

An answer will be given within 7 days to a general question, and 14 days to a legal question

NO Title Answer Name Date
4536 Hours per week secret NO Chance 2017-01-13
4535 Unpaid Korean wages and now in USA NO Schuyler Rank 2017-01-11
4534 Scammed at my job NO Jazz K 2017-01-09
4532 Regarding Occupational Physician secret NO Lawrence Ow 2016-12-29
4531 Pay Missing and Unfair and illegal deductions UPDATE ignore one below secret NO David 2016-12-22
4530 Pay Missing and Unfair deductions NO David 2016-12-22
4529 annual leave paid NO SHAFI 2016-12-21
4528 Changes to Contract secret NO Charlotte Hopley 2016-12-14
4527 Working activity monitoring without recorded subject notification secret NO Morala 2016-12-13
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