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MOEL and Starbucks support the challenges of youth together!


MOEL and Starbucks support the challenges of youth together!

Becoming the ninth company to join “Youth Employment Support Project”, established a work experience training course for aspiring youth baristas

Collaborating to promote a youth employment support project such as making a ‘Youth Challenge Support’ tumbler


The Ministry of Employment and Labor (Minister An Kyung-duk) has certified Starbucks Coffee Korea Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as “Starbucks”) as the ninth company to join the “Youth Employment Support Membership” and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to promote the “Youth Employment Support Project” on Wednesday, October 27.


<Overview of Starbucks Youth Employment Support Membership Certification and Memorandum of Understanding>

Date/Location: Wed, Oct. 27, 2021, 14:10-14:45 / Starbucks Academy (Jung-gu, Seoul)

Participants: Minister of Employment and Labor, CEO of Starbucks Coffee Korea Song, Ho-seop, Vice Chairman of the Korea Employers Federation Lee, Dong-geun, Professor Kwon Soon-won from Sookmyung Women's University (Head of the Youth Employment Support Specialist Support Group)

The signing ceremony was held at the training academy where Starbucks' new program called 'Barista Work Experience Training Course' will be held from November.

The event proceeded in order of visiting the academy, reporting the progress of Starbucks youth talent training, signing a memorandum of understanding between MOEL and Starbucks, and giving out a tumbler to commemorate the ceremony, and granting a “Youth Employment Support Membership” certificate.

As the most preferred coffee shop* by youngsters, Starbucks has genuinely agreed with the intent of the ‘Youth Employment Support Project’ promoted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Korea Employers Federation.

* Coffee brands preferred by the MZ generation: 1. Starbucks (37.1%), 2. Ediya Coffee (13.3%) (Nov. 2020, UnivTomorrow Research Laboratory for the Twenties)

Therefore, the company has launched a barista work experience training course* for youth who participate in MOEL’s national employment support system, and became the ninth company to join the youth employment support membership based on the performance results of the youth employment support program.

* Started a pilot course in November 2021 (for 40 people), will operate a training course of 200 people per year (50 people per quarter) from 2022

The barista work experience training course run by Starbucks offers online and offline training and the opportunity to experience a Starbucks store, which would be greatly helpful for youth who dream of getting a job as a barista or opening a coffee shop.

In addition, Starbucks has pledged to actively collaborate in promoting the “Youth Employment Support Project”.

Starbucks will firstly produce a creative tumbler with a message that says 'We support the challenges of youth', and provide it to youngsters who participate in an online recruitment fair of youth-friendly small but strong companies and a youth employment support conference. 


In addition, Starbucks will promote major youth employment policies including the “Youth Employment Support Project” by posting them on bulletin boards in 1,600 Starbucks outlets around the nation during the month of November.

The company also plans to open a twelfth ‘talent donation café’ that supports cafe renovation and coffee training services for cafés run by young people within the year to create youth jobs by operating a café.

* (Talent donation cafe) Encouraging job creation by selecting outdated cafés and supporting renovation, coffee training services, etc. (Supporting 11 branches after 2012)

At the ceremony, the Ministry of Employment and Labor and Starbucks signed a memorandum of understanding to promote major youth employment support policies, including the “Youth Employment Support Project”, and to actively collaborate in implementing youth employment support programs.

In addition to this, Starbucks has set one of the three social contribution themes as ‘youth’ and is operating various youth employment support programs such as nurturing young talent, supporting startups through community stores, and providing career and employment support in vocational high schools.

* (Main youth employment support activities of Starbucks) Nurturing young talent and operating startup culture support programs through community stores that give profits back to local communities Supporting career training for prospective graduates of vocational high schools (Talent donation from Starbucks partners) Supporting youth who are discharged from care and providing self-development opportunities

Starbucks Coffee Korea CEO Song Ho-seop said, “Starbucks will take the lead in helping youth who will shape the future of our society pursue new dreams and careers.”

“We will continue to support youth and community as best we can,” he added.

Lee Dong-geun, Vice Chairman of the Korea Employers Federation, said, "I feel grateful that Starbucks, a company that has cemented itself as a cultural icon beyond a global coffee company, takes a keen interest in youth employment and joins the project.”

“I hope that Starbucks’ ‘Youth Employment Support Membership’ will encourage other companies from various industries to follow suit, and the KEF will actively strive to widely promote the youth employment support program in the labor market,” he emphasized.

"Starbucks provides active support in hiring vulnerable groups including the disabled and career interrupted women, and I would like to express my gratitude to Starbucks for joining the project to promote youth employment by participating in today's signing ceremony," Minister An Kyung-duk said.

“I know that Starbucks is continuously making efforts inside and outside the company by pledging to create 1,600 new jobs for youth and improve the working environment.

“I hope that Starbucks will continue to make efforts to become a company that is loved and admired by youth and the company’s partners,” he emphasized. 






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