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MOEL to conduct unannounced inspection on construction sites with tower cranes


MOEL to conduct unannounced inspection on construction sites with tower cranes

-Unannounced inspection on tower crane sites with hazards by Dec. (construction sites of top 100 construction companies nationwide)


The Ministry of Employment and Labor (Minister An Kyung-duk) will carry out an unannounced inspection on constructions sites of top 100 companies recognized for construction capabilities by the end of December this year to prevent serious accidents involving tower cranes.

The Ministry has made efforts to prevent serious accidents occurred during installation, dismantling and lifting of tower cranes

by raising the qualifications for installation and dismantling operations*, imposing the obligation to record installation and dismantling operations (from 2018), and establishing the obligation to register companies conducting installation and dismantling of tower cranes (from 2020).

* Increasing initial training hours regarding installation and dismantling (36 hours 144 hours), and establishing maintenance training (5-year cycle)

However, as four fatal accidents (5 deaths, subtotal) caused by installing, dismantling and lifting tower cranes have occurred this year,

* Fatal accidents during installation, dismantling, and lifting of tower cranes (based on the year of occurrence): (2015) 1 (2016)5 (2017) 10 (2018) 0 (2019) 1 (2020) 3

the Ministry plans to initiate an unannounced inspection to ensure that occupational safety standards related to tower cranes are thoroughly observed.

When carrying out an unannounced inspection of tower crane construction sites, the Ministry will focus on the followings:

Whether to prepare a preliminary inspection and work plan document

Whether to implement collision prevention measures between crane operations and to record and preserve entire work process

Whether to comply with the tower crane live load

Whether operators installing and dismantling tower cranes have qualifications

Meanwhile, on Thursday, October 14, a special inspection will be conducted on the site of tower crane accident that left two dead in Namyangju, and stringent measures such as requesting an arrest warrant for those involved in the accident including the site manager will be taken.

Kwon, Ki-Sub, Head of the Occupational Safety and Health Office of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, said, “If safety measures to prevent predictable serious accidents are not in place, it is hard to consider that safety and health-related laws area complied with.”

“Those involved in serious accidents of tower cranes have to bear the heavy responsibility through rigorous investigations, and the Ministry will take this unannounced inspection as an opportunity to ensure system improvements are thoroughly implemented on site,” he added.


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