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Minister of Employment and Labor held a meeting with CEO of major retail and logistics companies


Minister of Employment and Labor An Kyung-duk held the     Retail and Logistics Leaders Conference on Friday, October 8th at 14:00.

   * (Ministry of Employment and Labor) Minister, Head of the Occupational Safety and Health Office of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, Industrial Accident Prevention Policy Officer, Youth Employment Policy Officer, Labor Standards Policy Officer, etc.

     ▴ (Retail and logistics companies) E-Mart, Homeplus, Lotte Mart, Coupang, Kurly, SSG.COM, CJ Logistics, Hanjin, Lotte, and Logen logistics

  ○ The conference was participated by the CEOs of Korea's major companies that lead the retail and logistics industry

    - and held under the themes such as 'Improvement measures for safety and health management' and 'Developing a workplace respected by the youth’. The conference began by introducing government’s policy, followed by presenting cases of companies and discussions.

 □ As the retail and logistics sector is the fastest growing industry in recent years, the number of workers employed in the industry has sharply increased, leading to a rise in accidents and diseases.

    - Accordingly, there has been an increase in public interest in working conditions, requiring for social responsibility, such as establishing a safety healthy working condition on par with company’s improved reputation and developing a workplace respected by the youth.

 □ After the introduction of the relevant policy by the Ministry of Employment and Labor,

  ○ Coupang and CJ Logistics presented and shared ‘A case of implementing safety and health management, overwork prevention and working condition management for delivery workers, youth employment support program’.

    - Coupang has launched 'Coupang Care', a paid health promotion program for high-risk employees, which allows employees to focus on their health for a month and the company plans to expand its logistics center by 1 million pyeong to create 50,000 more jobs by 2025.

    - CJ Logistics has employed sorting personnel based on social consensus to prevent the overwork of delivery workers and is establishing a standard work model to reduce the working hours of delivery workers. In addition, it plans to re-establish the criteria for selecting and evaluating eligible subcontractors to secure safety and health for subcontracting, contracting out, and commissioning.

 ○ Then, opinions on this issue were exchanged on the role of government and companies with CEOs of the participating companies.

 □ Minister An Kyung-duk said, “We have recently seen the rise in occupational diseases* in the retail and logistics industry and social focus is placed on the occurrence of overwork death.

  ○ I would like to ask for courier companies to comply with working hours based on social consensus for the health of workers involved and distribution and logistics companies to make efforts for improvement such as working hour management to keep delivery workers from working long hours.”

      * Patients with diseases: (2019) 1,274 (2020) 1,369 (June 2021) 846

       The order of causes of death from disease is Heart disease (47.7%), Cerebrovascular disease (34.3%), Psychiatric disease (7.0%). The order of disease morbidity is Accidental low back pain (36.8%), Work that puts an excessive burden on the body (30.3%), Non-accidental /work-related low back pain (18.4%).

    ** Social consensus such as excluding delivery workers from sorting work and improving long working hours through the first agreement on January 21, 2021, and second agreement in June 2022.

    - “The government will also provide necessary support to companies by expanding support to include delivery workers who are the dependent self-employed* for the project that provides medical examination costs in addition to existing workers,” he stated.

      * Provides 80% of medical examination costs for the dependent self-employed (courier, delivery, replacement workers) and street cleaner from March 2021.
‘2021 Budget 2021: 3.35 billion won, 59,000 people

   ○ Moreover, as the cases of mass infection of COVID-19 have not stopped at workplaces recently, he also called for a strict COVID-19 quarantine and vaccination.

 □ In addition, Minister An said, “The retail and logistics industry plays a significantly important role in terms of employment,” and he also encouraged them by saying “Thank you for your contribution in resolving the youth unemployment by employing many young people.”

  ○ He also added, “Many young people are still having a hard time getting jobs, and they long for ‘opportunities for employment' such as job training and work experience.” "I hope you will provide more opportunities for young people to increase their employability,” he requested.

     - He went on to say that “The government will also actively support the efforts of companies through the Youth Employment Cheer Up Project*.

     * (Youth Employment Cheer Up Project) Companies provide job training and work experience according to the characteristics of the company by using their human and material resources, and the government supports the connection between recruitment and employment and project development costs.

    ** (Companies and organizations participating in Youth Employment Cheer Up Project Membership) Samsung Electronics, POSCO, SK Hynix, Lotte (Aug. 3) Samyang Foods (Aug. 12) Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Consortium (CJ OliveNetworks, etc.) (Aug. 31) KT (Sept. 7)

 □ CEOs of major retail and logistics companies who attended the conference freely exchanged opinions under the themes of 'Improvement measures for safety and health management' and Developing a workplace respected by the youth'.

  ○ They also decided to work together to reduce industrial accidents and expand opportunities for cultivating and employing young talent.


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