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Finding Jobs in the Second Half with the Help of the Youth Job-Seeking Grant!

Aug.6, 2019(Tue.)


Finding Jobs in the Second Half with the Help of the Youth Job-Seeking Grant!

  From August 2019, the Youth Job-Seeking Grant* will be provided to all applicants who satisfy the eligibility requirements**, without priority being applied.  * The program covers costs that young people incur when seeking employment (KRW 500,000 x 6 months) and provides employment support services (job orientation programs, one-on-one employment counselling, etc.) 

   ** Aged 18-34, Be within 2 years of leaving education (graduation/drop-out), Be in households earning 120% or less than the  median household income (However, there must be at least a period of 6 months since the applicants received a support from the similar youth employment support programs such as the local governments' youth allowance.)

The Ministry of Employment and Labor (Minister Lee Jae-gap) had set the priority for provision of the grant in consideration of budget limitation in order to prioritize young people who urgently need support. This was based on the period after graduation, and participation in similar programs. 

<Priority for Selecting Grant Recipients>











Period after Graduation

1 year or more

6 months~

1 year

less than 6months

1 year or more

6 months~

1 year

less than 6months

1 year or more

6 months~

1 year

less than 6months

Participation experiences in similar programs


1~2 years

less than 1 year


  Since March 2019 when the grant was introduced, most of the demand of the youth in the top 6 priorities has been met* over the last 4 months. 

    * 39,310 were selected among the youth in the top 6 priorities who applied for the grant from March to June.


As the second half recruitment period will start, and graduating students in the second half of the year (August) will actively begin job seeking activities, MOEL will only check whether the applicants satisfy the requirements for the grant instead of adopting the previous priority system.

  However, for applicants whom have already participated in similar programs such as the local governments' youth allowance, there must a period of at least 6 months following the end of such programs.

Furthermore, as shown in many cases, it was found that diverse employment support services are helpful even for young people who perform self-directed job seeking or start-up activities.

 As a result, MOEL will strengthen employment and start-up support services* together with not only Job Centers, but also relevant institutions (resident institutions of the Employment-Welfare Plus Center, Regional Youth Centers, etc.) for young people who visit Job Centers to apply for the grant.

    * (Job Centers) provide one-on-one employment counselling, guidance on the cover letters/resumes, job matching, etc. (Relevant institutions) provide regional job matching, field-level current employees' counselling (mentoring), start-up clubs, etc.

Park Jong-pil, director of the Youth Employment Policy Bureau said, "Since the introduction of the Youth Job-Seeking Grant, many young people have been able to use the support to look for employment in ways which were previously impossible  due to the financial burden. They are now able find jobs by visiting the Job Center and utilizing diverse employment support services."       

   He added, "As we are continuing to receive applications, I hope that many more young people will be able to fully concentrate on finding jobs and not have worry about financial issues by utilizing the Youth Job-Seeking Grant in the second half too."


< How to apply for the Youth Job-Seeking Grant >

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