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Public Relations and Implementation of Safe Driving and Accident Prevention for Two-wheeled Vehicles

Nov.21, 2019(Thu.)


Public Relations and Implementation of Safe Driving and Accident Prevention for Two-wheeled Vehicles

 - Onsite undercover inspections and unmanned equipment development for stricter enforcement -


The Ministry of Employment and Labor (Minister Lee Jae-gap) and the Korean National Police Agency (Commissioner General Min Gap-ryong) are set to push forward on crackdowns of two-wheelers from Sunday December 1 after a ten-day guidance period from Thursday November 21. This is in response to a steep rise of two-wheeled vehicles and high risk traffic violations for fast delivery following a recent increase of food delivery and single households.

  In the last three years, from 2016 to 2018, two wheeled vehicle accidents were responsible for 31 dead and 3,630 injured pedestrians while 812 passengers of the vehicle lost their lives on annual average, respectively.

  However, a lack of an unmanned crackdown system that detects traffic violations by two-wheeler riders and the possibility of secondary accidents that may occur from active police chases after the vehicle hinder the police force from mobile onsite crackdowns.


In this regard, from Thursday November 21 a ten-day joint meeting between relevant authorities and two-wheeler delivery specialty businesses is to be held to discuss measures to ensure traffic safety for two wheeled vehicles and to perform active onsite promotions for delivery service providers.

  First, the Meeting on Two-wheeler Accident Prevention will be held to explain planned crackdowns on the vehicles and to discuss measures for safe delivery using two wheeled vehicles and for cooperation. The participants of this meeting are relevant authorities including the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Korean National Police Agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute and the Korea Transportation Safety Authority and delivery application operating companies, delivery service providers, courier service businesses and franchises.

       * Baemin, Yogiyo, Baedaltong, Mesh Korea (VROONG), Barogo, Logiall, BBQ, Lotteria, McDonalds, Mr. Pizza, Dominos Pizza and Pizza Hut are planned participants.

  Also, regional police agencies and police stations are set to host the meetings with two-wheeler delivery service providers in their respective jurisdictions, and visit small businesses to promote the new enforcement program and with the Korea Transportation Safety Authority, the regional police force will also conduct a safety helmet distribution campaign for two wheeled vehicles.

From December 1 two-wheeler accident blackspots and areas of frequent violations shall be the focus for the police to conduct undercover crackdowns on high risk violations in ordinary vehicles with high performance camcorders and planned investigations on reckless driving is to be performed.

  For more convenient violation reporting, a separate category for two-wheeler reporting will be added on the main screen of the smartphone reporting application provided by the Korean National Police Agency.

  If a reported two-wheeler rider is a delivery service provider employee, the police will make a visit to the service provider to impose fines and penalty points on the driver. For service providers with frequent violators, the police plans to actively apply the employer shared responsibility provision* (Article 159 of the Road Traffic Act) and check any negligent management or supervision from the business owner.

      * For drink or unlicensed driving and other violations by an employee, if a business owner provides negligent supervision then such corporation or the business owner shall be the subject of fines for the applicable provision.


Major High Risk Violations of Two-wheeled Vehicles

‣Threatening pedestrians including driving on pedestrian roads or through crosswalks

‣Threatening safety of other drivers including red light running and crossing the center lines of roads (wrong-way driving)

‣Reckless driving and making loud exhaust noises with illegally modified two-wheelers at night


  Regional police agencies and the traffic violation unit of the police will gather intelligence, collect evidence of violations and conduct planned investigations into reckless and noisy driving with illegally modified two wheeled vehicles or systematic excessive speeding.


At the same time, regulation reforms to secure safety for two-wheelers are to take place.

  On January 16 2020, when the amended Occupational Safety and Health Act takes effect, employers hiring courier workers who are classified as special employment type workers, and delivery brokers using delivery applications will have obligations to conduct two-wheeler safety management including safety inspections for the vehicles, licence verification and safety helmet checks.

  With the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry plans to implement a certification system that provides certificates and certified marks for delivery service providers who conduct good supervision of their riders to ensure safety management for two wheeled vehicles.

  In addition, with specialized research and services from the Road Traffic Authority, the Ministry will pursue the development of unmanned crackdown equipment that spots traffic offences by two-wheeler riders including speeding, red light running and major traffic violations such as not using safety helmets and driving on pedestrian roads.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor (Minister Lee Jae-gap) and the Korean National Police Agency (Commissioner General Min Gap-ryong) have asked for active participation in law-abiding and safe driving as efforts from relevant service providers and drivers are crucial in ensuring the safety of two-wheeler riders who are prone to fatal injuries.

  As using the smartphone application or the e-People website allows easy reporting of videos filmed by mobile phones or dashboards, the two institutions have also asked for active reports and information from the public.




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