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MOEL to hold 2017 best work-life balance practices contest

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Oct. 16, 2017


The Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) will hold the 'best work-life balance practices contest' to find and spread real-life examples of work-life balance and encourage work-life balance across companies.


The contest will be held for 27 days from October 17th until November 12th, and any workplace interested in work-life balance can participate in it.


The themes for the 2017 contest are ① "company putting work-life balance into practice, for example by participating in the work-life balance campaign or implementing the ten suggestions for work innovation", and ② "company introducing or using flexible work arrangements"*.


* Flexible work arrangements are work arrangements that give workers flexility on when and where they work. They include flextime, alternative work schedules, discretionary work schedules, work-from-home arrangements and telework.


▸ Boast about your company's work-life balance efforts!
  - (e.g.) a company participating in the work-life balance campaign and actively implementing work-life balance, a company which has increased employee satisfaction by improving concentration at work and reducing night work, a company implementing the ten suggestions for work innovation


▸ Company up! employees up! thanks to flexible work arrangements
  - (e.g.) a company which has improved its productivity by using flexible work arrangements, a company whose employees have achieved a work-life balance, for example by taking up flexible work arrangements to pursue personal development or care for their children


Companies which want to participate in the contest should fill out the given forms containing the current status of introduction of work-life balance programs, application cases, effects and a future plan and submit them by e-mail ( no later than November 12th.


Contest winners that will be selected after evaluation of received cases will be announced on November 21st (Thu.) and presented with awards on November 29th (Wed.). 

A total of 12 companies will be selected as best practice award winners and given awards - 2 grand prizes, 4 top excellence awards, 3 excellence awards and 3 encouragement awards - and prize money.


More details can be found at the work-life balance website ( and facebook page (


Kim Deok-ho, the Director-General of the Youth and Women's Employment Policy Bureau, said, "Work-life balance not only improves workers' quality of life but also greatly helps enhance corporate competitiveness."


He added, "The contest will provide an opportunity to share the effects of companies' improved way of working and work culture and their concrete implementation measures. I hope that it will serve as a catalyst helping the culture of work-life balance take root across workplaces."


Meanwhile, MOEL is conducting a national campaign called 'Korea Together for WLB'* to boost national interest in work-life balance and spread the culture of work-life balance.

* WLB is a newly coined term derived from 'work and life balance'. Interest in WLB has heightened as these days young people are using WLB as an important criterion when choosing jobs.


The campaign, which started on September 18th (Mon.) and will continue until October 31st (Tue.), is offering various events, including the work-life balance slogan contest and the 'life with rest' photo contest.









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