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2017 Korea Assistive Technology Device Fair to be held in Gwangju

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Oct. 11, 2017


The 2017 Korea Assistive Technology Device Fair, the 12th of its kind, which is hosted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL, Minister Kim Young-joo) and organized by the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled (KEAD, president Park Seung-kyu), will be held at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju for three days from October 13th to 15th. 


* Assistive technology devices refer to devices developed to enable disabled people who experience difficulties due to a decline or loss of physical functions caused by their disabilities to live their working lives well.


Fifty-four assistive technology device companies at home and abroad will present their latest devices and new technologies at this year's Fair. The Fair will also offer various programs, including exhibitions, performances and experience events, which make use of assistive technology devices.   


The venue will have a total of 128 booths, including an assistive technology device theme booth, an exhibition booth about assistive technology devices for everyday use, an exhibition booth about vehicle-mounted assistive technology devices and a barrier-free cinema & application experience booth.


Various assistive technology devices that will help to make disabled people's working lives more convenient, such as a 'wearable reading magnifier', a 'bluetooth glasses mouse', and an 'assistive glove' using artificial muscles to assist with movement of stiff hands, will be on display at the Fair. 


Moreover, professor Kim Moon-sang of KIST and professor Han Jae-kwon of Hanyang University will give lectures under the theme of "The Convergence of Robotics and Assistive Technology".


There will also be many things to see, including a performance by Kim Hyuk-gun, a signer of a group called 'The Cross', who overcame his spiral injury and a quiz event designed to improve people's perceptions of disability. 


Kim Kyung-seon, the Director-General of MOEL's Bureau for Human Resources Policy in Aged Society, said, "The government expands the assistive technology device subsidy program every year and holds the Assistive Technology Device Fair to create a society where all people with disabilities can work with the help of assistive technology devices and also a society where companies employing people with disabilities can succeed."


She also said, "I hope all citizens, including disabled people who are the actual users of assistive technology devices and their employers, will have the opportunity to directly experience and understand cutting-edge assistive technology devices through this Fair."


The Fair will be held along with the 2017 Senior Medical Industry Fair and the 2017 Honam Dental Academic Conference and Equipment Exhibition.


The 2017 Recruitment Information Session for College Students with Disabilities and the 2017 Job Fair for People with Disabilities in Gwangju and South Jeolla Province, in which 45 companies and public institutions will participate, will be held simultaneously with the Fair, too.
The government provides more than 7,000 disabled people with about 8 billion won in assistive technology device subsidies each year. If you want to make an inquiry about how to apply for an assistive technology device subsidy, please contact KEAD (☎1588-1519).


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