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MOEL presents awards to 95 distinguished contributors to vocational skills development and certificates to 66 outstanding skilled technicians, including master craftsmen, at 21st Vocational Skills Month ceremony held on Sept. 1

Sep. 1, 2017


The Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) held a ceremony in commemoration of the Vocational Skills Month at the Intercontinental Seoul COEX on September 1st (Fri.) with the participation of distinguished contributors to vocational skills development, outstanding skilled technicians and people from relevant organizations.

At the Vocational Skills Month ceremony marking its 21st year this year, MOEL presented awards to 95 people in six categories - workers, employers, outstanding skilled technicians, heads of vocational training institutes, vocational training teachers and HRD professionals - who had made distinguished contributions to vocational skills development and skills encouragement.

* 3 orders of merit, 5 medals of honor, 11 Presidential Awards, 21 Prime Minister's Awards and 55 Employment and Labor Minister's Awards

Lee Soo-yeol (aged 53), a senior deputy general manager for technology of Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction, received the glorious Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit.

Deputy general manager Lee Soo-yeol contributed to localizing the manufacturing and commissioning of Distributed Control Systems (DCS), which are a kind of central control system for a power plant.

He also developed 20 work manuals alone, creating 100 billion won's worth of import replacement effect. By doing so, he has helped Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction carve out a place for itself in the field of power generation facilities.

Moreover, he has been at the forefront of efforts to transfer and expand skills. For example, he has transferred his skills to other people through mentoring (24 times), participated in on-site inspections and program certification in relation to the Work-Study Dual System (11 companies) and provided technical support as an industrial field professor (19 times).

With a view to encouraging skills development among technical high school students who study in a difficult financial situation as he did, he established the 'Lee Soo Yeol Scholarship' in 2012 and has since been offering scholarships at Milyang Middle School, Changwon Machine Technical High School, etc. to foster skilled workers.

Mr. Lee gave up the opportunity to study at an academic high school on a scholarship and instead entered a technical high school's department of electricity, in the belief that "the only way to escape extreme poverty is by achieving success through skills".

He has worked on various construction sites, including a power plant construction site and an overseas desalination plant construction site, for 35 years and 7 months since joining Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction. He is a man of such great determination that he continued his study while working and even earned an undergraduate degree.

He said in his acceptance speech, "I felt so proud and rewarded as a technician when two specialized high school students to whom I had passed on my skills through mentoring were recognized for their job competencies and got hired by Samsung Electronics and Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction, respectively, and also when the first Lee Soo Yeol scholarship recipient overcame the barrier he faced because he is a high school graduate and joined Samsung Electronics."

Park Chan-hwan (aged 54), CEO of DAFL, a car parts manufacturer with 63 employees, received the Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit. He has held that the competitiveness of an SME lies in 'human resources development'.

So he has actively provided in-house education and training with a determination to 'create an inspirational workforce'. As a result, when the company participated in the learning organization support program for SMEs in 2015, as much as 96.8% (61 people) of its employees participated in it.

Having judged that it is important to facilitate the transfer of skills from skilled employees to other employees and to entrench a competency-based culture, he introduced an in-house skills qualification program in 2014. The program provides a qualification allowance of 50,000 won a month.

Thanks to this program, highly skilled veteran employees started to become interested in passing on their skills to junior employees and to actively exchange skills with one another, which was a surprising change.

Kim Il-rok (aged 53), a meister of Hanwha Techwin, received the Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit.

Meister Kim Il-rok is the top master craftsman in the field of aircraft engine welding, who has worked in the field of welding for 35 years and 9 months.

He contributed to stabilizing the repair welding process for Korean Air Force F-16 fighter engines for the first time and localizing the welding process for generators on three Korean Navy Aegis destroyers by improving the method of welding seawater cooling systems.

He also developed job training textbooks on welding theory and practices and master craftsman manuals (eight volumes in total) based on the skills and abundant know-how he had built up at industrial sites.

He has constantly improved related systems and put them to practical use. Among other things, he acquired six NADCAP accreditations, including the certification and approval of a welding process for aircraft engine components, obtained six utility models, including one for a handcart breaking system, and registered five designs, including one for welding ferrules.

By doing so, he has firmly established himself as a skilled technician with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Moreover, he helped 65 people acquire national technical qualifications, such as master craftsman, in the field of welding.

He has also been taking the lead in cultivating young technicians through skill transfer, such as skill education for promoting exchanges among vendors, private and public organizations and the Air Force (78 people) and industry-tailored skill transfer training (13 sessions, 300 hours).

He has been enthusiastically engaged in social contribution activities, too. He organized a technical volunteer team to make and donate 254 'love handcarts' for senior citizens collecting waste paper for their living.

Four people, including Yoo Ae-kyung, president of the Culinary Institute of Korea (CIK), were presented with the Industrial Service Medals.

President Yoo has invested a total of 1.6 billion won in CIK's training facilities and equipment over the past three years.

She has actively helped the Institute's teachers with their self-development. If a teacher enters a graduate school, President Yoo pays for his/her full tuition fees, allows him/her to work four days a week and supports his/her cost of acquiring a qualification.

She was recognized for her distinguished contributions to quality vocational training. CIK has produced more than 130 skills competition medalists.

* Industrial Service Medal winners: CIK President Yoo Ae-kyung, Park Young Chun, a deputy team leader of Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries, Cho Young, CEO of Gyeongdo, Chung Myung-hwan, director of the Manpower Support Department at KODMIC

Lee Sung Keun, a professor at Korea Polytechnics, was awarded the Service Merit Medal in recognition of his distinguished services. He played a leading role in opening the convergence technology education center (March 2016) which cultivates high-quality human resources to prepare for the fourth industrial revolution.

His other contributions include developing an NCS-based curriculum for Korea Polytechnics' regular courses, expanding and operating the apprenticeship support center and providing outreach education for workers in small workplaces to solve technological difficulties facing them.

During the ceremony, MOEL also presented certificates to eleven master craftsmen of Korea, six outstanding skilled technicians, one skilled craft master and two outstanding enterprises in encouraging skills.

Employment and Labor Minister Kim Young-joo, who attended the ceremony, said, "Distinguished contributors to vocational skills development and skilled technicians, you are true leaders who have driven our country's development."

She said encouragingly, "Thank you for your many years of hard work. I appreciate your enthusiastic participation in the cultivation of young technicians and social contribution activities by not just honing your knowledge and skills but also transferring them to other people."

She emphasized, "The role that vocational skills development plays as a key mechanism connecting people with jobs in the face of changing circumstances, such as the fourth industrial revolution, low fertility and population ageing, is very important."

She went on to say, "The government will innovate vocational training to make it people- and job-centered. Concretely speaking, we will largely expand vocational skills development opportunities in promising sectors, overhaul training for employed people in a way that focuses on new technologies and establish an inclusive lifelong vocational training system in which no group of people is marginalized from training."

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