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MOEL and KEIS to hold presentation competition on results of 2nd youth employment policy participation group's activities on Aug. 25

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Aug. 24, 2017


The Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) and the Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS) will hold a presentation competition on the results of the second youth employment policy participation group's activities at Space Art 1 in Jung-gu, Seoul on August 25th (Fri.).


The youth employment policy participation group (hereinafter 'the participation group') was created to monitor youth policies and seek policy alternatives from the viewpoint of young people. It was first set up in June 2016 under the Field-level Monitoring Subcommittee of the Special Committee on Promotion of Youth Employment and has since been operating.


The currently active second participation group is composed of 63 young people selected through nationwide open recruitment. It was launched on March 31st, 2017 and will continue to work until the end of August.


The second participation group consists of a total of ten teams, two teams in each of the following five areas: ① career guidance, ② employment support, ③ hiring, ④ education and training and ⑤ working conditions and labor market gaps. 


Each team chose a specific topic freely and has met at least three times a month to monitor youth policies and look for alternatives.


This year is meaningful for the participation group in that two youth organizations, 'the Youth Alliance for the Future of Korea' and 'the Young People Society', have been involved in its operation and activities. A group of specialist mentors has also helped the participation group conduct their activities better by providing mentoring services. 


During the presentation competition, the ten teams will give presentations on the implications gained through their activities and make policy suggestions.


Their suggestions will be evaluated in terms of their novelty and feasibility on the spot, and one top excellence award winner (Employment and Labor Minister's Award) and three excellence award winners (KEIS President's Awards) will be selected and presented with awards.


The government will consider ways to reflect those suggestions in its policy and report the results to the Special Committee on Promotion of Youth Employment. It will operate the third participation group from September to December. 

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