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MOEL to inspect working conditions in 107 wide-area and express bus companies from Jul. 17

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Jul. 16, 2017 


In response to the problem of bus drivers working long hours, which has been brought up in relation to the bus accident that recently occurred on the Seoul-Busan Expressway, the Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) will investigate and inspect working conditions in the bus industry starting on July 17th (Mon.)


Problems, such as dozing off at the wheel, which are due to long working hours, still persist in the bus industry even though the current Passenger Transport Service Act stipulates that bus drivers shall have at least eight hours of rest after the end of their driving time. Hence the aim of the investigation and inspection is to identify fundamental problems and find solutions.


Based on the results of the investigation and inspection, MOEL will actively consider ways to improve the scope of industries*, including the transport industry, which are exceptionally not subject to the limit on extended work (Article 59 of the Labor Standards Act). Questions have been raised about the appropriateness of the scope recently.


* 26 industries including transport, wholesale & commission trade, financial services, telecommunications, postal services and health services


The working condition investigation and inspection to be conducted this time will be targeted at 107 wide-area, express, intercity and charter bus companies nationwide.


The inspection will be undertaken jointly by the six regional employment and labor offices given the fact that target workplaces are all over the country.


And the inspection period will last for one month beginning on July 17th 2017, and may be extended depending on inspection situations, such as the need to expand the inspection or secure evidence.


During the inspection, inspectors will mainly check overall individual labor relations.


In particular, they will focus on matters which are becoming an issue, including the actual state of long working hours, whether workplaces grant rest hours and holidays, whether they pay additional allowances for overtime work and whether they grant paid annual leave.  


As a result of the inspection, workplaces found to be violating the relevant laws will be ordered to correct their violations immediately. If they fail to make a correction, they will be dealt with judicially.


Apart from this, MOEL will hold a meeting with employers in the transport industry to provide active guidance on their role in improving working conditions for all bus drivers.


Vice Minister Yi Sung-ki said, "Giving bus drivers enough rest and ensuring their safe driving are the most basic conditions that should be met in order to protect the lives and safety of the people. The planned labor inspection will serve as an opportunity to improve on bad labor practices in the bus industry."


He went on to say, "Based on the results of the working condition investigation and inspection, the government will come up with ways to improve the scope of industries, including the transport industry, which are excluded from the statutory provisions on working hours."

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