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MOEL to hold outreach policy information session and talk concert for specialized high school students

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Jul. 13, 2017


The 'Youth Hope Coffee Truck Tour', an event aimed at listening to young people's opinions on employment and communicating directly with them, will be held at specialized high schools during the summer vacation in July.


The event is related to the annual "Youth Hope Coffee Truck Tour' launched last year by the Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) to enhance its face-to-face outreach public relations activities especially on university campuses nationwide.


During this year's event, MOEL's high-ranking officials will meet with third-year students of specialized high schools who will enter the workforce earlier than other young people to listen to their employment-related difficulties and suggestions.


Related officials or specialists will convey information about various youth support programs currently implemented by the government, overseas employment that many young people are interested in, and the basic employment standards that third-year students trying to enter the workforce in the second half of this year, one step faster than other youths, should know, in an easy-to-understand manner, and talk earnestly and freely with young people over coffee.


※ (Key message) The government provides employment services that cater to the needs of their users, thereby producing more tangible policy effects.

⇒Youth employment policies for young people tired of preparing for employment

⇒ K-Move for young people dreaming of getting a job abroad

⇒Basic employment standards for young people dreaming of entering the workforce one step faster than other youths


The 'Youth Hope Coffee Truck Tour' launched to listen closely to the opinions of young people trying to find employment was held for the first time at Chungnam National University on April 18th, 2016.


Through the Tour, MOEL communicated with young people at the following 14 universities in the first half of this year: Inha University in Incheon, Kwangwoon University, Sejong University and Myongji University in Seoul, Dongeui University and Silla University in Busan, Andong National University in North Gyeongsang Province, Kyonggi University and Ajou University in Gyeonggi Province, Honam University, Woosuk University and Gunsan University in Jeolla Province and Namseoul University in Chungcheong Province.


The 'Youth Hope Coffee Truck' uses coffee as a medium to explain youth policies in a friendly way, offers a mobile job center, an outreach policy information session and counseling on overseas employment and financial matters in cooperation with the relevant school and local job center, and comes up with realistic programs to give practical help to young people.
In particular, the 'mobile job center' provides opportunities for young people to  use policies in person. It offers counseling on the mutual aid program for youth and the Employment Success Package Program and vocational psychological tests. It also offers financial counseling in cooperation with the Financial Supervisory Service starting this year.


In addition, the Coffee Truck interacts with young people through events familiar to them. For instance, it gives away free drinks to those who have downloaded the Work-Net app, uses cup holders exclusively made to promote youth employment policies, and names its menus after youth employment policies. 


 *Work-Net Americano, Employment Success Package Ade (Grapefruit Ade), Cheer-up Iced Tea (Peach Iced Tea)


"'Through the 'Youth Hope Coffee Truck Tour', we could see vividly young people's eagerness to get a job and have raised policy awareness among them," said Yi Sung-ki, Vice Minister of Employment and Labor. "MOEL will also hold a talk concert in each region in the second half of this year to listen to their opinions more closely."


* (Youth policy awareness) 27.9% in 2015→ 48.3% in 2016


* A survey shows that 75.7% are aware of Work-Net, 71.7% aware of employment counseling, 60.3% aware of colleges' career development centers for the creative economy, and 54.1% aware of the Employment Success Package Program. (Korea Employment Information Service, Nov. 2016)


He also said, "I ask for your interest and cooperation in the 'internship guidelines' to allow third-year students of specialized high schools who enter the workforce one step faster than other youths to get their valuable first job experience. The government will also work actively to entrench the basic employment standards."

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