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MOEL and HRD Korea appoint six 'star technician ambassadors' for 2017 and launch reporter corps to promote skills

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Jun. 30, 2017


 "I found my lifelong career in carpentry at an early age and started my own business. I would like to share my experience with young people who have a similar concern about starting up a business or finding a career and to cheer them up."
 - Park Ki-tae, a star technician ambassador (aged 34, a WorldSkills Competition gold medalist, CEO of Park Ki Tae LAB)
  "Using the video production skill I have honed and polished at school, I would like to make a video containing interviews with star technician ambassadors and outstanding skilled technicians and to provide relevant information to people of my age who are thinking about taking a career path in a related field."
 - Kim Hyeon-cheol, a student reporter (a third-year student of Korea Culture Media High School)
 "As a mother of three children attending elementary, middle and high schools respectively, I would like to experience a skill camp connected to the free semester system, cover outstanding skilled technicians' success stories, and actively promote skills while working as a member of the reporter corps."
- Heo Yoon-mi, a parent reporter (aged 46, a craftswoman-turned-blogger, a former cyber supporter of the Ministry of the Interior)


The Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL, Minister Lee Ki-kweon) and the Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRD Korea, President Park Young-bum) appointed six star technician ambassadors who will work to publicize the importance of skills and encourage people's interest in skills and launched the KSS reporter corps (30 reporters) and the parent reporter corps (10 reporters) which will promote skills, at Royal Hotel Seoul on June 30th.


< 1. Star technician ambassadors for 2017>


MOEL appointed a total of six people - one master craftsman of Korea, two Korean master technicians and three young technicians who were once members of the Korean Team at the WorldSkills Competition - as star technician ambassadors for 2017.


Kim Gwang-sik (aged 60), a master craftsman of Korea, and Lee Wang-ki (aged 55) and Bae Myeong-jik (aged 55), both Korean master technicians, rose to the top with their extraordinary passion for skills and the skills and abilities they had built up in the workplace over many years. They are striving to cultivate future skilled technicians and help young technicians into work with a view to realizing a competency-oriented society.


Park Ki-tae (aged 34), Ga Hyeon-jeong (aged 24) and Jeon Yong-jae (aged 26) who were picked as star technician ambassadors are counting on their skills and competencies to succeed in their respective fields and paving their own way forward.


MOEL has selected skilled technicians who have succeeded thanks to their skills and competencies rather than academic backgrounds as star technician ambassadors every year since 2012 with a view to making people aware of the importance of skills and encouraging young people's interest in skills.


The star technician ambassadors for 2017 are set to promote the importance of skills through various activities, such as appearing in ads and broadcast media, giving lectures, serving as mentors and transferring their skills, and to play a big part by acting as role models for young people who are dreaming of becoming a skilled technician, under the slogan 'Technicians are the future of Korea'.


Just after the appointment ceremony, the star technician ambassadors for 2017 spent some time talking about their feelings about the selection and their action plans, etc.


Lee Wang-ki, a Korean master technician, emphasized active attitudes towards skills to young people interested in skills by saying, "What enabled me to grow from a machine mania interested in assembling machines into a mature engineer and CEO in my twenties was my will to carve out my own life."


< 2. KSS reporter corps and parent reporter corps>


Meanwhile, a ceremony took place to launch this year's KSS reporter corps which is composed of students of specialized high schools and Meister high schools and a corps of parent reporters for skill promotion which was newly created this year.


* KSS reporter corps: KSS is an abbreviation for Koreans with Special Skills. The group publicizes the importance of skills and skilled technicians' success stories viewed through the eyes of would-be skilled technicians.


The two reporter corps launched this time are the 2017 KSS reporter corps which is composed of 30 students of specialized high schools and Meister high schools nationwide who are dreaming of becoming a skilled technician in the future and the parent reporter corps for skill promotion which is composed of ten parents.


The parent reporter corps launched this year for the first time is composed of parents who are concerned about their children's or young people's careers and using blogs.


From today when the launching ceremony was held until the end of this year, the reporters will convey skilled technicians' various stories and conduct activities aimed at realizing a competency-oriented society. For instance, they will cover major events, such as the 52nd National Skills Competition in Jeju and the 44th WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi, have interviews with skilled technicians, experience workplaces and visit policy scenes.


In particular, the parent reporters will disseminate skilled technicians' success stories and information on skills associated with the fourth industrial revolution online from the perspective of parents.


After the launching ceremony, Heo Yoon-mi, a member of the parent reporter corps for skill promotion, said, "As a mother of three children attending elementary, middle and high schools respectively, I would like to share information with other parents concerned about their children's careers and serve as a skill messenger through the activities of the parent reporter corps."


Moon Ki-seop, MOEL's Deputy Minister for Employment Policy, said, "The activities of star technician ambassadors appointed today, such as serving as mentors and transferring their skills, and the student reporter corps' and parent reporter corps' promotional activities concerning skilled technicians will enable Korea to move away from the academic credential-oriented society and take a step closer to becoming a competency-oriented one."


He also said, "The government will create a culture of favoring skilled technicians, for example by providing a tailored program to help people grow into master craftsmen of Korea or Korean master technicians."

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