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MOEL opens this year's first employment-welfare plus center in Ansan to solve job and welfare problems

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Jun. 28, 2017


The government opened a new employment-welfare plus center in Ansan which offers job and welfare services in one place, and held its opening ceremony on June 28th (Wed.).


An employment-welfare plus center is a collaboration model that allows a number of service agencies to provide their services in the same place so that people can receive various employment and welfare services conveniently by visiting just one place.


It is getting attention as a representative example of removing barriers between central and local services and achieving collaboration between the central and local governments and between the public and private sectors in order to realize user-oriented services.


The Ansan Employment-Welfare Plus Center is the first of the 30 employment-welfare plus centers scheduled to be opened in 2017.


It involves various employment and welfare agencies, including MOEL's existing Ansan Job Center, the Ansan City Government's Job Center and Welfare Support Team, the New Job Center for Women, the Job Hope Center for Middle-Aged and Older People and the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled.


The center will provide services tailored to target groups, such as vulnerable people (i.e. those who have difficulty finding employment), middle-aged and older people, career-break women, etc., in the relevant region who have employment and welfare concerns.


The opening ceremony held on June 28th was attended by Deputy Minister for Employment Policy Moon Ki-seop, Ansan Mayor Je Jong-geel, Ansan City Council Chair Lee Min-geun, lawmaker Lim Iee-ja, lawmaker Park Sun-ja and so on. They celebrated the launch of the Ansan Employment-Welfare Plus Center.Moon Ki-seop, Deputy Minister for Employment Policy


of MOEL, said in his remarks at the opening ceremony, "I would like to congratulate on launching the Ansan Employment-Welfare Plus Center which has taken its first step this year."
He went on to say, "We will support employment-welfare plus centers actively so that they can become a boon to solve the concerns of people suffering from job problems."

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