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MOEL holds meeting with delivery business owners to prevent accidents among two-wheel delivery riders

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Mar. 30, 2017


On March 30th (Thu.) the Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL, Minister Lee Ki-kweon) held a meeting with the Korean National Police Agency,  delivery app operators and delivery service providers and promised to make joint efforts with them to prevent accidents among two-wheel delivery riders.


As a growing number of people order food via delivery apps these days, delivery businesses are thriving, but their fast delivery services are threatening the safety of delivery workers.


During the meeting, participants looked at the current state of delivery businesses and their activities to prevent accidents among two-wheel delivery riders. They also discussed how to eliminate 'time limits for delivery', the main cause of traffic accidents among delivery workers, and what role the government and businesses should play in spreading a safe delivery culture.


The government said that it would conduct a 'traffic safety campaign* for safe two-wheel delivery' jointly with the Korean National Policy Agency and other relevant institutions and organizations and extend the coverage of industrial accident compensation insurance to delivery workers** (from March 31st, 2017).


* The government will conduct the campaign in cooperation with local police agencies, franchise companies, delivery agencies, etc. (May~Aug. 2017)


**① Delivery agencies will be included in the scope of businesses subject to the special provision that allows non-standard contract workers (i.e. workers in special forms of employment) to be covered by industrial accident compensation insurance. ② The criteria on which the exclusivity of employment is judged will be improved considering forms of labor.


In particular, RGP Korea (Yogiyo) talked about its Yogiyo Safe Delivery Campaign during which the company had distributed reflective markers for two-wheeled vehicles and safe delivery guidebooks to its affiliated restaurants' delivery workers.


And Woowa Brothers (Baemin Riders) drew attention by giving a presentation on its Mint Rider Campaign that provides a free safety education program (combining theory and practice) to prevent traffic accidents among two-wheel delivery riders.


Kim Wang, the Director-General of the Industrial Accident Prevention and Compensation Bureau, said, "The meeting has great significance in that for the first time deliver app operators and delivery business owners got together and pledged to create consensus and make joint implementation efforts with a view to protecting two-wheel delivery workers."


He also said, "MOEL will establish and disseminate safety guidelines* for use by delivery business owners and hold a meeting with leading franchise companies** and meetings with local delivery agencies to eradicate 'time limits for delivery', thereby spreading the culture of caring about the safety of delivery workers across the country."


* The guidelines will include requiring delivery businesses to give personal protective equipment to their delivery workers and to provide safety education to them and restricting excessive calls that have to be answered by individual delivery workers (Jun. 2017).


** MOEL, Korean National Police Agency, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency, Korea Delivery Food Association, Korea Motorcycle Safety Association, 13 leading franchise companies in the food service sector, etc. (Apr. 2017)


He added, "I hope that the general public as well as the government and businesses will actively participate in creating a safe delivery culture to spread such a caring atmosphere."

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