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Vocational training center for people with developmental disabilities opens in Incheon

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Feb. 8, 2017


On the morning of February 2nd (Wed.) the Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) held the opening ceremony of the Incheon Training Center for People with Developmental Disabilities (Mansu-dong, Namdong-gu), the second such training center in Korea, and said that the training center would provide job experience and vocational training services for young people with developmental disabilities.


The Incheon Training Center for People with Developmental Disabilities is a government 3.0 model and was established through collaboration between MOEL (Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) (Incheon Office of Education).


* The Incheon Office of Education provided space (Incheon Cheongseon School) and the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled set up and operates the center.


The training center helps expand social participation opportunities for high school students and graduates with developmental disabilities in Incheon by providing job experience and training to them and thus helping them build vocational skills in a self-directed manner.


It also provides training aimed at improving interpersonal skills and other social skills which will help people with developmental disabilities adapt to society.


The training center operates job experience facilities in which people with developmental disabilities can experience jobs in the same environment as that of a real workplace as well as training facilities to provide vocational training for such disabled people.


The job experience facilities offer experience and training in job areas, such as kitchen assistant, linen laundry, medical device cleaning, assembling, packaging, cinema services, distribution services, office assistant and urban farming, into which people with developmental disabilities have a better chance of making their way. They were designed in such a way to provide working environments similar to, or reflecting, real ones.


To that end, the job experience facilities involve 28 companies and institutions including Soonchunhyang University Hospital in Bucheon, E-Mart, Hyosung Clean, Lotte Cinema, BGF Retail (CU convenience store), Seraph Korea and David Cosmetic.


People with developmental disabilities (about 211,000 people or 8.5%) are the fifth largest group among registered disabled people (about 2.49 million people)  in Korea.


In particular, their number has grown more rapidly compared to other types of disabilities (9.1% in 2010→ 12.5% in 2015), and they account for 64.8% of disabled people aged 19 and under.


In addition to the Incheon Training Center for People with Developmental Disabilities that opened today, MOEL will set up two more centers in Gwangju and Daegu this year with a target of having such centers in 17 metropolitan cities and provinces by 2020.


The event was attended by more than 150 people including Employment and Labor Minister Lee Ki-kweon, Incheon's Superintendent of Education Lee Cheong-yeon, Vice Mayor Jeon Sung-soo, Lee Yong-deuk, a member of the National Assembly's Environment and Labor Committee, Yun Kwan-seok, Park Chan-dae, Yu Dong-su and other National Assemblymen for Incheon, and representatives from disabled people's organizations.


Employment and Labor Minister Lee Ki-kweon said, "I hope the training center will help people with developmental disabilities discover and show their vocational strengths by providing vocational training that fits the industrial trends in Incheon and the characteristics of people with developmental disabilities, and thus enable them to have a happy adulthood through work."

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