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Number of local governments implementing project to support social contribution activities continues to increase

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Feb. 7, 2017


As baby boomers are retiring, interest in social contribution activities is growing among older people, and the number of local governments intending to implement the project to support social contribution activities, which is implemented by local governments with the financial support of the Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL), is increasing.


* 23 local governments in 2015 → 32 in 2016 → 39 in 2017


Under the project to support social contribution activities, MOEL, together with local governments, helps retired older people with professional knowledge and practical experience to engage in social contribution activities through non-profit organizations, social enterprises, etc. In 2017 MOEL will spend six billion won on subsidizing social contribution activities through the project.


In 2016 a total of 32 local governments, including the Seoul Metropolitan  Government, implemented the project and 5,800 people participated in social contribution activities under the project.


By field of activity, the largest proportion engaged in social services (40%), which was followed by culture and arts (18%) and education and research (12%). By age group, 65~69 year olds (27%) and 60~64 year olds (26%) made up the largest and second-largest shares. By activity duration, the largest proportion (35%) carried out social contribution activities for 100~299 hours a year.


By organization, non-profit organizations and public institutions accounted for 80% and 13% of the total, respectively.


The participating local governments have attained various achievements by using older professionals in their regions to deal with current issues of concern, such as education, welfare and business support, in response to the arrival of an ageing society.


The Seoul Metropolitan Government started implementing the project in order to help baby boomers in Seoul to find a second career after retirement, and has created 1,575 jobs as a result.


It operates the project in a way that actively reflects the needs of the region. For instance, it is offering six specialized programs, including IT Supporters, Our Town's Macgyvers, 50+ Career Consultants and 50+ Encore Fellows, to meet the characteristics of Seoul. The programs attract great interest with the competition ratio for acceptance reaching 2.2 to 1.


The Gyeonggi Provincial Government provides support for retired police officers to conduct monitoring activities aimed at ensuring safety around elementary schools. It prepares a related improvement report and provides it to the Provincial Office of Education and Policy Agency, thereby making active use of participants' experience and expertise to improve the educational environment in the region.


Meanwhile, there is a local government considered to provide a good example of creating jobs at the local level with the great interest and active support of its head.


Mokpo mayor Park Hong-ryull held the opening ceremony of the project to support social contribution activities even though there were as few as 120 people engaging in social contribution activities under the project. The City Government has actively supported activities by museum docents, in-library after-school teachers and operators of facilities and programs for people with disabilities, and received an excellence award during the 2016 job creation evaluation held by South Jeolla Province.


Park Sung-hee, the Director-General of MOEL's Bureau for Human Resources Policy in Aged Society, said, "MOEL will collect examples of activities conducted so far, publish a collection of best examples and disseminate those examples to spread each local government's best examples across all other local governments, and will actively help participants, such as by providing free basic training for them, so that they can carry out social contribution activities without difficulty."


She added, "I hope to see more local governments' interest and active participation in the project."

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