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Minister presides over extensive policy review meeting

Minister presides over extensive policy review meeting image

Jun. 22, 2015

Minister presides over extensive policy review meeting

On June 22nd, MOEL held an extensive policy review meeting presided over by Minister Lee Ki-kweon and attended by the heads of its eight regional offices and Deputy Ministers, Director-Generals, etc., from the headquarters. During the meeting, officials shared best practices in each region, such as those of Pyunghwa Oilseal Industry Co., Ltd. which introduced a wage peak system in 2013 while at the same time increasing jobs through labor-management cooperation and Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction which was pursuing shared growth with its suppliers through gain-sharing and financial support, and had an extensive discussion on concrete measures (cooperation with local quadripartite councils, experts, NGOs, etc.) to disseminate those practices across workplaces. Minister Lee said, "The 1st Round Labor Market Reform Plan focuses on what workplace-level labor and management need to and must do when they engage in wage and collective bargaining." He stressed, "Creating win-win employment order to increase youth employment and improve the quality of jobs at SMEs lies at the heart of the plan."

Last Modifide Date   :   Mon July 6, 2015
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