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Street PR campaign about job stability funds

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Jan. 9, 2018


On the afternoon of January 9th (Tue.) Employment and Labor Minister Kim Young-joo, together with staff members of the Seoul Regional Employment and Labor Office, visited convenience stores, restaurants, retail shops, etc., in Myeong-dong, Seoul to mount a campaign to explain the need for compliance with the minimum wage to employers and workers and publicize job stability funds, a solution to problems with the minimum wage increase.


Minister Kim emphasized to employers, "The minimum wage increase will reduce income inequality by raising income for low-paid workers and serve as a stepping stone to income-driven growth by creating a virtuous cycle of domestic demand expansion and employment growth."


She asked them to "comply with the minimum wage in order to make the lives of Korea's present and future generations better even though at the moment you may think it is hard and difficult".


She said, "The government is now implementing the job stability funds program with a total budget of three trillion won and the social insurance premium reduction program in order to ease the burden of labor costs on employers and to reduce workers' employment insecurity. I hope you make active use of them."

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