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Minister attends 'compassion and sharing fair for promoting social enterprises'

Minister attends 'compassion and sharing fair for promoting social enterprises' image

Oct. 4, 2016

Employment and Labor Minister Lee Ki-kweon attended the 'compassion and sharing fair for promoting social enterprises' held at the Jogye Temple and Memorial Hall of Korean Buddhist History and Culture on October 4th. The fair was jointly hosted by the three main religious groups - Buddhism, Catholicism and Protestantism - to find ways to promote social enterprises.

Minister Lee stressed in his congratulatory speech at the fair, "Our society is facing various social problems that need to be addressed, such as drastically changing employment circumstances, job shortages and income inequality caused by the fourth industrial revolution."

He said, "With innovative and creative ideas, social enterprises provide needy people with jobs which are the best kind of welfare, give local communities the ability to live well together in a win-win manner, and offer consumers opportunities to consume ethically in the spirit of sharing and consideration, thereby being able to drive compassionate growth."

He also asked for active support from religious circles, emphasizing that religious circles have worked together to find and pursue the way our society had to go whenever Korea was at a critical moment in its modern history, as was the case with the National Movement Committee for Overcoming Unemployment which played a decisive role in solving the unemployment problem during the Asian financial crisis of 1998.

After the speech, the Minister took a look around booths and gave encouragement to related staff at the fair.

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