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Apr. 6, 2016

Employment and Labor Minister Lee Ki-kweon attended the 'field-level meeting to expand jobs for middle-aged and older people' held in the small conference room on the 51st floor of the KITA Trade Tower in Samsung-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of April 6th (Wed.) to hear the opinions of middle-aged and older job seekers who want to be re-employed after shutting down their self-employed businesses and related field-level people.

At the meeting, Minister Lee illustrated the problem facing middle-aged and older people by saying, "Workers retire at age 49 on average and most of them want to get a job after retirement but are forced into self-employment because there are not enough opportunities for reemployment."

He stressed, "Rationalizing the regulations on dispatched workers by revising the relevant law is more desperately needed than ever in order to provide stable job opportunities to middle-aged and older people, such as (prospective) retirees, those who want to be re-employed after stopping self-employment and jobless people."

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