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  • Current Situation and Major Features of Labor Disputes in the First half of 2009
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  • ◇ Labor relations tend to be stable in the first half of 2009. As of 17 July, there are total 52 numbers of labor disputes (up by 6.1% than 49 of the same period of last year) including 16 on-going labor disputes (down by 40.8% than 27 of the same period last year), resulting in 121,000 lost work days (down by 58.4% than 291,000 of the same period last year).

    ◇ Major features of labor disputes in the first half of 2009 Most of labor disputes were led by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (total 49 cases, 94.2%) and the Korean Metal Workers’ Union (total 19 cases, 36.5%). Particularly, partial strikes by the direction of the Korean Metal Workers’ Union frequently occurred. ※ 7 times of partial strikes occurred in companies participating in an industrial bargaining. (4 times of strikes related to an industrial bargaining, and 3 times of strikes to support the strike of SSang Yong Motors)

     Days of strike decreased to 21.4 days in 2009 from 24.7~54.5 days during 2003~2008. In addition, labor disputes mostly occurred by the demand of newly-formed trade union for a company to recognize a full-time union official (total 15 cases, 28.9%), and by a restructuring process triggered by the economic recession.

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