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  • MOEL launches 2019 Task Force to improve non-regular employment arrangements
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  • Jun. 21, 2019

    The Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) launched the 2019 Task Force to improve non-regular employment arrangements (previously called “Supporters for Non-regular Workers”). The Task Force will work to firmly establish the practice of employing workers as regular employees and to improve the treatment of non-regular workers.

    At the launch ceremony held at the Korea Press Center in Seoul on June 21st, MOEL appointed this year’s new Task Force members (11 experts), and shared the results of the TF’s main activities so far.

    The Task Force has been operating since 2011 and has played following roles: conducting fact-finding surveys of workplaces employing a large number of non-regular workers, providing guidance and advice to improve non-regular employment arrangements, and coming up with ways to improve relevant laws and systems.

    As a result of the Task Force's activities, the number of companies having signed an agreement to comply with the Non-regular Employment Guidelines (the Guidelines for Employment Security for Fixed-term Workers (established in 2011) and the Guidelines for Protecting the Working Conditions of In-house Subcontract Workers (revised in 2016)) increased from 11 in 2011 to 198 in 2018. Also, the Task Force’s fact-finding surveys prompted companies to correct their violations of labor relations laws.

    Minister of Employment and Labor Mr. Lee Jae-kap said, “It is generally thought that using non-regular workers would reduce the labor costs. However, to the contrary, a study found that productivity declines by 0.31% to 0.42% for every 1%p rise in the share of fixed-term workers and by 0.75% to 1.0% for every 1%p rise in the share of indirect employment.”

    He also emphasized, “Before deciding to hire non-regular workers, companies need to make objective decisions taking into account possible impacts on productivity, and in the process, the Task Force experts should play an active role by providing guidance and advice needed by companies.”

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