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  • 32 new qualifications to be added to list of course-based national technical qualifications in 2019
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  • Aug. 21, 2018


    The Ministry of Employment and Labor (Minister Kim Young-joo) has selected 32 new qualifications to be added to the list of course-based National Technical Qualifications in 2019.
    The Course-Based National Technical Qualification system is a new channel to obtain National Technical Qualifications (NTQs) for those who completed education and training courses designed based on National Competency Standards (NCS). The Course-Based system started in 2015 to organically connect jobs, education and training, and qualifications and nurture talents in demand on the ground.

    As of August 2018, there are a total of 111 Course-Based NTQs, such as machinery design industrial engineer and web design craftsman, and more than 16,000 people are participating in such courses.
    * 15 course-based qualifications in 2015 → 30 in 2016 → 61 in 2017 → 111 in 2018

    A total of 32 new qualifications, including 3-D printer operation craftsman, aviation industrial engineer and colorist engineer, all of which are promising occupations associated with the fourth industrial revolution, will be added to the list of Course-Based National Technical Qualifications in 2019. The Ministry selected the 32 new qualifications based on a survey on the demands of industrial circles, including the Industry Skills Councils and industry associations, and the opinions of relevant government agencies and experts.

    Vice Minister of Employment and Labor Yi Sung-ki said, “The employment rate of people who have acquired course-based qualifications is very high, at 90.8% on average.” He added, “We will make efforts to ensure that Course-Based NTQs, which are very helpful in finding jobs, are expanded to reflect the needs of industries.”

    From September, the Ministry and the HRD Service of Korea will hold information sessions to promote course-based qualifications across specialized high schools, meister high schools and other relevant education and training institutions.

    To find more information about the course-based qualification system, visit CQ-net (c.q-net.or.kr), the website for the Course-Based National Technical Qualification and the Work-Study Dual System.

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