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  • MOEL announces 25,900 Small Giant companies of 2018 and provides information about them on WorkNet
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  • April 29, 2018


    Our company holds an overseas workshop about once a year to promote friendship among employees. And we have quarterly Movie Day where employees can invite their families and friends to watch a movie together. The company’s welfare program is designed to focus on employees in their late 20s, such as support for marriage and pregnancy and maternity leave. 


    - 2018 Small Giant located in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province


    Our company has Job Conversion System to help new young employees choose or change jobs. The System provides systematic training on business processes including accounting, cost management, sales, production, logistics and purchasing; and on-site training on development engineering such as coding, job analysis, designing and testing.   


    - 2018 Small Giant located in in Gangseo-gu, Seoul


    The Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) has selected and announced 25,900 Small Giant companies of 2018 to offer young people information about best-performing small and medium-sized and middle-standing enterprises. The Small Giants were selected among 74,781 candidate companies which had been chosen as excellent enterprises by central government agencies, local governments and private organizations.

    <Disqualification criteria for Small Giants>


    Enterprises which:

        ① have delayed wage payments over the past two years;

        ② have employee retention rates lower than the average for companies of the same size in the same industry for two consecutive years;

        ③ have occupational death rates higher than the average for companies of the same size in the same industry for two consecutive years;

        ④ have a credit rating below B-;

        ⑤ are business groups subject to the restrictions on cross-shareholding and public enterprises;

        ⑥ have fewer than 10 employees (fewer than 30 employees for the construction industry); and

         ⑦ are in the service or other particular industries


    In particular, in this year’s screening, 346 enterprises which directly applied to KBIZ and 18,091 business management innovation-type SMEs and 15,230 technological innovation-type SMEs recommended by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups were included in the list of candidates. The number of this year’s Small Giants also jumped a whopping 52.6% from 16,973 in 2017, making it possible for young people to get information about more diverse SMEs. 


    2018’s Small Giants hired a total of 326,997 new employees throughout last year, or 12.6 new employees per company on average. By industry and region, the manufacturing industry (16,392 enterprises, 63.3%) and Gyeonggi and Incheon (9,453 enterprises, 36.5%) made up the largest shares in Small Giants.


    The list of 2018’s Small Giants can be found on WorkNet (www.work.go.kr/smallGiants) from Apr. 30th. Company information, including basic, financial and recruitment information about the Small Giants, and vivid field visit stories related to some of the Small Giants will be updated by the end of May.


    Enterprises selected as Small Giants are provided with recruitment services, corporate PR support and financial and other benefits and eligible to receive preferential treatment in terms of loan guarantee according to the MOU signed in December 2017 between MOEL, Shinhan Bank and Korea Credit Guarantee Fund. Between January and March 2018, 22 general and youth-friendly Small Giants received a combined total of 10.1 billion won in preferentially guaranteed loans.


    MOEL also selects Youth-friendly companies among Small Giants, taking account of levels desired by the youth of wage, employment security and work-life balance. A total of 1,105 enterprises were chosen as Youth-friendly Small Giants of 2018 at the end of last year. The Youth-friendly Small Giant page on WorkNet website provides comprehensive information, including their levels of wage, welfare and employment security and financial and recruitment information.


    Mr. Kim Deok-ho, the Director-General of the Youth and Women's Employment Policy Bureau at MOEL, said, “MOEL will serve as a compass for finding jobs by continuing to find the best-performing small but strong SMEs for young people to work for and provide information about them.”

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