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  • Integrated industrial accident management system to be implemented from Jan. 1, 2018
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  • Dec. 26, 2017


    A system of managing industrial accidents of principal contractors and their subcontractors in an integrated manner (hereinafter 'integrated management system') is to be implemented from January 1st, 2018.


    The integrated management system is intended to fix the bad practice of principal contractors shifting their number of accidents onto their subcontractors as a result of widespread outsourcing and thereby ensure that industrial accident indicators accurately reflect principal contractors' responsibility for accidents.


    It requires principal contractors to include the number of industrial accidents involving their subcontractors' employees working in their workplaces in calculating their industrial accident indicators, such as fatality rate.


    In 2018, the integrated management system will be implemented among principal contractors ordinarily employing 1,000 workers or more in the manufacturing and rail and subway transport industries.


    It will be extended to workplaces with 500 employees or more in 2019.


    The Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) has helped workplaces due to implement the integrated management system in 2018 to prepare for the system. It held information sessions (Apr. 4~7 and 26, 2017), conducted on-site fact-finding investigations (Mar.~Aug. 2017), distributed a related guidebook for workplaces (Oct. 20) and conducted a survey (Oct. 20~Nov. 30).


    In the survey*, 160 workplaces - 96.4% of those responding to the survey - answered that they are prepared to manage industrial accidents in an integrated manner.


    * Of 119 target workplaces, 110 responded to the survey (response rate: 92.4%)


    When asked how much they know about the integrated management system, 83 workplaces (75.4%) said that they know about it well.


    And when asked whether they have ever informed their executives and employees and subcontractors of the system, 106 workplaces (96.4%) responded that they have already provided, or plan to provide, such information. This suggests that most of the target workplaces know about the integrated management system.


    Moreover, when asked whether they are aware of the current state of accidents involving their subcontractors' employees, 91 workplaces (82.7%) said that they are well aware of it.


    On December 15th MOEL held an additional information session at the Daejeon Regional Employment and Labor Office at which it explained its integrated management plan and had an opportunity to answer major questions asked by workplaces during the survey.


    MOEL said that it will intensively check the actual status of integrated management among the target workplaces between March and April 2018 to ensure a swift and soft landing of the integrated management system.

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