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  • Minister Kim Young-joo begins her series of field visits to MOEL-affiliated institutions
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  • Nov. 14, 2017


    On November 14th Employment and Labor Minister Kim Young-joo visited in person the Korea Job World (president Jang Dae-ik) in the city of Seongnam in Gyeonggi Province and received a briefing on its work at the institution.

    Starting with the Korea Job World, she will visit all of the 12 MOEL-affiliated institutions and receive briefings from them.

    The aim of this series of visits, she said, is to put into practice the Moon Jae-in government's principles of 'people-centeredness' and 'respect for labor' at the field level by visiting and inspecting in person the MOEL-affiliated institutions charged with dealing with the most important things in people's lives, such as jobs, occupational safety, employment insurance and vocational training, as the head of the Ministry of Employment and Labor which contacts citizens at the forefront of the labor market.

    Minister Kim Young-joo had directly run 'field labor offices' after being sworn in and has been continuing to make field visits to listen to the people's voice on labor administration.

    It is unusual for a minister to visit affiliated institutions in person to receive their first briefings.

    By making this series of field visits, the Minister extends her principle of field-oriented administration, in which she listens to field-level difficulties directly from employees and solves them, to affiliated institutions.

    The selection of the Korea Job World as the first institution she would visit reflects her view that helping young people choose a career path by giving them the opportunity to experience various occupations can be a long-term solution for reducing youth unemployment.

    The Korea Job World is a comprehensive job and career experience center that provides children and young people with the opportunity to experience various occupations.

    The Korea Job World has established itself as a leading job experience center. Since its opening in May 2012, more than 4.5 million people have visited it and people from 85 countries, including the U.S., China, Japan and Australia, have visited it for benchmarking.

    During the briefing, Minister Kim ordered the institution to "undertake a thorough investigation to find out if there is any sexual offence, such as sexual harassment, or corruption in hiring and contracting which has become a problem among public institutions recently, and to come up with measures to eliminate such irregularities and crimes". 

    She also asked it to "make active efforts to allow non-regular workers, including temporary agency workers and contract company workers, to enjoy job security as regular employees".

    After looking around the job experience facilities, she said, "The Job World's customers are children and young people, namely our future generation that is growing up."

    She stressed, "The institution should help children and young people find their aptitudes, build their dreams and develop the skills needed for the jobs of the future to prepare for the fourth industrial revolution, by giving them the opportunity to explore career paths when they are young."

    In particular, Minister Kim held an 'open-minded meeting' with general employees and the trade union, at which she listened to field employees' difficulties and frank opinions about the institution's vision and had a discussion with them. 

    She said, "Let's make efforts together to create a momentum for the Job World's another leap forward based on your constructive opinions gathered today."

    Meanwhile, the Minister will visit the Korea Employment Information Service in Jincheon in North Chungcheong Province on November 20th as the second stop on her tour of MOEL-affiliated institutions.

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