• Guidance to better understanding of Korean Labor Law 2011
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  • Ⅰ. Overview

    1. The trends of employment and labor market in Korea
    2. Labor law structure

    Ⅱ. Industrial Labor Regulations

    1. Employee recruitment
    2. Determining terms and conditions of employment
    3. Wage
    4. Workinig hours
    5. Holidays and leave
    6. Exceptions to the provisions on working hours, recess and holidays
    7. Modifying working conditions to the disfavor of employees
    8. Employing fixed-term workers, etc
    9. Disciplinary measures or dismissal
    10. Consideration to be made in case of dismissal or retirement
    11. Wage claim guarantee system
    12. Employment relationship in the case of mergers or business transfers

    Ⅲ. Collective Labor Relations

    1. Organization and dissolution of trade unions
    2. Collective bargaining
    3. Collective agreement
    4. Industrial action
    5. Lock-out
    6. Adjustment of labor disputes
    7. Prohibition of unfair labor practices
    8. Establishment and functions of the labor-management council

    Ⅳ. Social Insurances

    1. Overview of the four statutory social insurances
    2. Industrial accident compensation insurance
    3. Employment insurance

    Ⅴ. Industrial Safety and Equal Employment

    1. Preventing industrial accidents
    2.Institutions and assistance for employee welfare promotion
    3. Equality in employment

    Ⅵ. Appendix

    1. General environment of investments in Korea
    2. Current status of FDI
    3. Labor management in foreign-invested firms
    4. Average wage vs. ordinary wage
    5. Types of jobs allowed for temporary work supplies
    6. Contact information and regional employment and labor administrations and offices



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