• Sojourn period after re-employment under the Current EPS
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  • Dear Foreign Workers under the EPS,

    This is the National Labor Consultation Center,

    Nowadays, a lot of foreign workers are worried about whether they can reenter Korea and work for another 3 years after the completion of the first 3-year sojurn period. So, many foreign workers asked a same question written below.

    So, We would like to inform you of re-employment under the current EPS as follows:  


    I will complete my three years in korea in October 2009 and I heard that I will not be reemployed for next three years due to EPS system and because of economic crisis of Korea. Is it true? Please, guide me.  My many friends told me of this sad news.


    Under the current EPS, in case of re-employment, if your employer reemploys you within the completion of three-work period and if you leave korea with employment confirmation by a job center of MOL and visa issuance certificate issued by the Ministry Justice, you can reenter Korea after staying outside Korea for one month and be allowed to work for another 3 years.

    For more information, we would like to inform you that a new quota of Foreign workforce between March 2009 and February 2010 will be set next February this year. This years new quota(between Feb 2009 and Feb 2010) and last years quota(between Feb 2008 and Feb 2009) do not restrict the foreign workers scheduled to  be reemployed by employers in korea to reenter Korea.

    * The MOL plans to revise the Act on Foreign Wokers Employment etc, in order to enable employers to reemploy foreign workers without requiring one-month stay outside of Korea before reentry. If the relevant Act is amended, the foreign workers can work for another 2 years without staying outside of Korea after the completion of 3 year sojourn period.

    For more information, Please, call NLCC at 031-345-5000.



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